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Baxter Black, DVM:  An Interesting Season

Baxter Black, DVM:  An Interesting Season

It’s been an interesting season for those of us in agriculture. Several shifts in the world’s social gyroscope have come to light that will affect the public’s perception of our farming world.

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Controlled Substances Act Causing Trouble for Large Animal Vets

Controlled Substances Act Causing Trouble for Large Animal Vets

Victoria G. Myers

Progressive Farmer

It all started in California. The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) began contacting veterinarians, whose practices were at least in part mobile, to tell them they could not legally transport controlled substances off their clinic/home premises.

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Programming your cow herd?

Programming your cow herd?


The last trimester prior to calving is a critical time for the cow. Research indicates that pre-calving nutrition and management impact cow health and production, subsequent reproductive performance, and immune response in the calf. Approximately 70% of fetal growth occurs during this time, and nutrient requirements are increased accordingly.

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Forages for summer grazing

Forages for summer grazing

Joplin Stockyards

Livestock producers and horse owners who use summer annuals for grazing and/or haying are probably thinking about what to plant this year.  Most will probably choose the old standards, pearl millet or sorghum-sudan hybrids.  Some producers are now relying on crabgrass as well.  Others may even be trying “unique” forages such as lespedeza.  Lets discus each a little and you can decide what you would like to try.

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Beef 510 Program planned for March 23

Beef 510 Program planned for March 23


The Ohio Beef Council, Ohio State University Extension and The Ohio State University Department of Animal Sciences will host a sequel to the Beef 509 educational program. Beef 510 will be a one-day event that features an elite group of well-known speakers covering industry topics, coordinated through the Ohio Cattlemen’s Foundation.

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Measuring methane

Measuring methane

Mikkel Pates


Will cattlemen someday measure their animals’ breaths and belches to determine feed efficiency, or whether they’re getting sick?

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New COOL Rule Published Today in Federal Register

New COOL Rule Published Today in Federal Register

Beef Cattle News

The Federal Register today is publishing a new Country of Origin Labeling (COOL) rule written to bring the United States into compliance with World Trade Organization agreements.

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From the field to the feedbunk: Are we talking the same language?           

From the field to the feedbunk: Are we talking the same language?                            

Karen Lee  

Progressive Forage Grower

It’s bound to happen … corn silage harvest is in full swing, harvesters are rolling, trucks are busy hauling and the pack tractors are moving back and forth when the nutritionist pulls in the driveway.

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Late-winter lice control in beef cattle                          

Late-winter lice control in beef cattle                                

Heather Smith Thomas          

Progressive Cattleman

Lice are a common winter problem in cattle, especially in northern climates with cold weather and short winter days.

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Let’s Think Big Picture In The Animal Health Industry

Let’s Think Big Picture In The Animal Health Industry

Deb Norton   


I’m more convinced than ever before, beef cattle veterinarians may well be the most effective communicators we have as we struggle to sustain a complicated and delicate food-animal protein system.

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