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Spring Calving: When to Seek Help

Spring Calving: When to Seek Help

University of Tennessee

Dr. David Anderson, Large Animal Department Head at the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine, talks with Dr. Marc Caldwell, bovine medicine expert, about spring calving problems: things producers can handle on their own and advice about when to call their veterinarian.

Is it time to try something different in the cow herd?

Is it time to try something different in the cow herd?

John F. Grimes

Ohio’s Country Journal

The 2013 Ohio Beef Cattle School has examined important management issues impacting profit potential. Strategies for the use of genetics in the cow herd and efficient forage management practices have been the primary issues discussed in the school to this point. Producers are constantly searching for any new or proven methods to improve the bottom line.

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Reduce Cow Costs, Increase Revenue

Reduce Cow Costs, Increase Revenue

Miranda Reiman

Angus Beef Bulletin

Property taxes don’t mind if your cows are black or white or red. Ranches must have fences, pickups and equipment, regardless of what the calves weigh at weaning.

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Where’s the value

Where’s the value

John Maday


Due to short supplies, prices for this year’s calves could reach record levels, and sale data show that price spreads continue to widen between the top and bottom calves at market.

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Beef industry predicts disruptions due to upcoming furloughs

Beef industry predicts disruptions due to upcoming furloughs

Barbara Soderlin

Omaha World Herald

ach of the cattle slaughtered at Larry Swerczek’s locker in Albion, Neb. — between 50 and 90 a month — must be examined by a federal inspector as it comes into the locker and then as it’s killed, butchered and packed for three small grocery stores in Boone and Antelope Counties.

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No end in sight for feedlot losses, USDA warns

No end in sight for feedlot losses, USDA warns


There is no end in sight for the run of feedlot losses which has already lasted two years, despite the prospect of lower feed prices, US farm officials said, cautioning over the threat of further drop in prices of fed cattle.

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Reviewing springtime forage practices

Reviewing springtime forage practices

Rusty Evans

The Leaf Chronicle

Even though very little growth is occurring in pastures and hayfields across the state, the next couple of months are critical times in the life of these fields.

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Opening of Japanese market welcome news for Colorado ranchers

Opening of Japanese market welcome news for Colorado ranchers

Ryan Budnick


Japan eased its decade-long embargo on American beef last month. The embargo was originally raised because of fears of Mad Cow Disease, a paranoia that was unfounded and scientifically based, says Colorado State University professor Jason Ahola.

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Grass-Fed Beef a Natural Fit for This Texan

Grass-Fed Beef a Natural Fit for This Texan

Victoria G. Myers

Progressive Farmer

Jon Taggart knows what it’s like to have the grand plan. He also knows what it’s like when the grand plan just doesn’t work out like you think it will.

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More women taking the lead in agriculture

More women taking the lead in agriculture

Holly Setter

The Times Herald

According to the most recent United States Department of Agriculture Census of Agriculture, the number of women farming shot up 19 percent between 2002 and 2007, nearly triple the rate of farming’s growth as a whole.

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