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Grass Tetany can be a Problem as Grass Greens Up

Grass Tetany can be a Problem as Grass Greens Up

Stephen B. Blezinger ,Ph.D., PAS

Cattle Today

There are any number of misconceptions when it comes to understanding cattle nutrition. Some of this is related to the fact that a great deal of animal health and nutrition advice is gathered from the local coffee shop or feed store.

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Never Get Too Busy to Make Money

Never Get Too Busy to Make Money

Mark Parker

Progressive Farmer

Buy ’em right, sell ’em right, and put on pounds in between. Backgrounding cattle sure sounds simple enough, but for stocker operators like Shawn Alloway, the business realities are complex and dynamic.

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The Winds of Change, Do They Still Blow?

The Winds of Change, Do They Still Blow?


In 2008, we suggested in an article in this publication that when it comes to forage production, handling, and utilization, perhaps The Winds of Change had come full circle. We offered this thought, "As we examine the reality that all feed resources have become much more valuable and will likely remain so, the traditional methods . . . of handling, storing and feeding hay may be obsolete."

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Forage more valuable today

Forage more valuable today

Joplin Regional

Winter feeding and care always have been a critical aspect of cattle production in the northern Plains.

Meeting the most basic needs of the stock – adequate feed for efficient production and well-being – represents the major cost to and activity of producers.

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A disturbing trend in agriculture

A disturbing trend in agriculture

Statesman Journal

Despite demonstrated positive economic impact, farmers and ranchers are losing their ability to pursue agriculture as a full time career.

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How to Feed Beet Pulp to Beef Cattle

How to Feed Beet Pulp to Beef Cattle

Kay Baxter


Sugar beet plants are processed to make table sugar. Beet pulp is the byproduct left over once the sugar has been extracted from the beet. Beet pulp is commonly fed to farm animals including cattle, goats and horses.

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Iowa Premium Beef buys adjoining Tama Pack ground

Iowa Premium Beef buys adjoining Tama Pack ground

 John Speer

Toledo Chronicle

The accompanying pdf file from the Tama County assessor’s Office outlines the property involved in the transaction.

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Frank J. Fitzpatrick: The Cowboy

Frank J. Fitzpatrick: The Cowboy


OC Weekly

Silverado Canyon is as far removed from the tanned, plastic cougars of Newport Beach as it’s possible to get and still be within the limits of Orange County, and Frank J. Fitzpatrick, the owner of 5 Bar Beef, is the living embodiment of the place.

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Cattle Nutrition & Swath Grazing

Cattle Nutrition & Swath Grazing

Randy Kuhn

Beef Today

   Different livestock have different nutritional requirements.  Never is this more apparent or important as when the weather outside is frightful!  Here in North/East PA we’ve been getting really wacked with heavy snow and wind over the last few weeks and it doesn’t look like we’re gonna see spring anytime soon.

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Cattle Producers Talking Pros and Cons of State Beef Checkoff

Cattle Producers Talking Pros and Cons of State Beef Checkoff


Right now the national beef checkoff gets one dollar for every beef animal sold in Nebraska.

Part of that money stays in the state and gets used by the Nebraska Beef Council for beef promotion, education, and research.

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