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Considerations when developing or purchasing replacement females

Considerations when developing or purchasing replacement females


Farm and Ranch Guide

Some questions pertaining to the beef industry are easy to answer with a definitive yes or no. For example, “should I vaccinate my beef herd to prevent disease” – yes; or “does feeding only wheat straw to suckled cows meet their nutritional requirements” – no.

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American Angus Association Relocates 2014 Annual Meeting

American Angus Association Relocates 2014 Annual Meeting

The American Angus Association® is pleased to announce that its 2014 Annual Meeting will be a stand-alone event in Kansas City. The number of cattlemen who rely on Angus genetics continues to grow, year after year. And with that, so does interest in Association programs and services.

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Students produce Kansas State’s Legacy Sale in new Stout Center

Students produce Kansas State’s Legacy Sale in new Stout Center

Laura Mushrush 


The steady rhythm of an auctioneer’s chant fills the barn as a subtle head nod in the crowd is followed by a ringman’s cry. Another bull has been sold and exits the ring.

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Who’s Stealing Cattle

Who’s Stealing Cattle

Eldon Cole

University of Missouri

Cattle theft may not be a concern for many of you reading this letter. However, if you’re in Barry, Christian, Dade, Barton, Jasper, Newton, Stone, Greene and Lawrence counties it’s a big problem. It’s been happening for several years and getting worse.

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Stable flies a damaging cattle pest

Stable flies a damaging cattle pest

Sandra Avant

Western Farm Press

USDA scientists are developing strategies to help livestock producers control stable flies, the most damaging arthropod pests of cattle in the United States.

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USDA proposes more detailed origin labels on meat

USDA proposes more detailed origin labels on meat

Bill Tomson


The U.S. Department of Agriculture said Friday it is proposing to require more detailed country-of-origin information be placed on meat labels, spelling out where the animal was born, raised and slaughtered.

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Grazing benefits

Grazing benefits

Baker City Herald

The coming of the spring brings, besides the buttercups and the north wind, the debate over privately owned livestock grazing on public lands.

This dispute is revived annually when the federal government announces the year’s grazing fee.

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Cattle Herds Shrinking as Plains Storms Fail to End U.S. Drought

Cattle Herds Shrinking as Plains Storms Fail to End U.S. Drought

Tony C. Dreibus


Keith Kisling normally has 1,500 head of cattle on his land near the Oklahoma-Kansas border. Last year’s U.S. drought changed all that. For the first time in four decades as a farmer and rancher, he has none.

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Tandem Evolution: BQA & Veterinarian Responsibility

Tandem Evolution: BQA & Veterinarian Responsibility

Wes Ishmael


We don’t spend a lot of time treating sick cattle,” says Tom Furman, DVM, a partner with his father, Jim, in The Animal Center at Alliance, Neb. “We spend most of our time with clients preventing sickness in cattle.”

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Beef cattle muscle and marbling development

Beef cattle muscle and marbling development

By Steve Paisley

Tri-State Livestock News

A large percentage of both muscle as well as marbling development takes place during gestation, so cow nutrition and management during gestation is very important to producing a valuable calf.

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