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Make plans for no rain this spring.

Make plans for no rain this spring.

Rick Rasby

Angus Beef Bulletin Extra

You are probably tired of hearing about drought. It is on the minds of many cattle producers. The question is: How long will the drought last? Cow-calf producers are trying to decide whether to liquidate all or part of their herd if there is no rain this spring.

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Stanley Stout:  Building a legacy and honoring a friend of K-State

Stanley Stout:  Building a legacy and honoring a friend of K-State

Kansas State University Foundation

Stanley Stout could sell anything — and he often did so for a good cause. The famed auctioneer, who passed away in 2006, was honored March 1 when Kansas State University dedicates the new Stanley Stout Center as part of the 100th Cattlemen’s Day celebration.

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Packers Continue To Struggle

Packers Continue To Struggle

Wes Ishmael 

“There has been chatter across the beef industry about ‘beef demand’ being slack compared to last year, when it is really beef consumption and not beef demand,” says Andrew P. Griffith, University of Tennessee livestock economist, in his Feb 21 Livestock Comments.

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Lead Poisoning Worries

Lead Poisoning Worries

Dr. Ken McMillan

DTN/The Progressive Farmer

After losing a calf, one reader is worried lead poisoning could be the cause.

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Helmick wants to double W.Va. farm production

Helmick wants to double W.Va. farm production

Vicki Smith

Charleston Daily Mail

West Virginia’s new agriculture commissioner has an ambitious plan to more than double the output of state farms within five years by growing the poultry and beef industries, and by encouraging school boards, correctional institutions and other government agencies to buy from local producers.

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Federal grazing fee stays same, rekindles debate

Federal grazing fee stays same, rekindles debate


Nevada Appeal

The federal grazing fee will stay at the minimum allowable level for a seventh consecutive year, a de­velopment that has rekindled a longstanding debate in the West between conservationists and ranchers.

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In the Face of the Feed Crisis, Beef Expert Claims Ruminants Can Digest “Anything”

In the Face of the Feed Crisis, Beef Expert Claims Ruminants Can Digest “Anything”

Agricultural Society

Yesterday as I was driving home from taking my son to school, a report on NPR about the issues with the rising cost of feeding commercial cattle in today’s wavering economic market made my blood boil.

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The Bigger is More Profitable Myth

The Bigger is More Profitable Myth


Cattle Herd Management

There is a commonly held opinion within the cattle industry that ranchers need to raise bigger calves to be profitable. Is this opinion fact, or is it a myth?

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One-step upgrade in calves

One-step upgrade in calves

Feedlot Magazine

Some cows are better suited to their environment than to pleasing beef consumers. Their owners can still use high-value Angus genetics as a terminal cross in those herds, to help themselves and the entire beef supply chain.

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Input Costs Show Winter Calving Maybe Not That Smart

Input Costs Show Winter Calving Maybe Not That Smart

Beef Producer

I have been pondering the practice of winter calving lately.

It’s a common practice by many in the beef industry but winter calving can pose a challenge for producers. Blizzards and below-freezing temperatures have produced many a rancher’s story of popsicle calves and frozen ears, tails and feet.

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