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How to use scrotal circumference

How to use scrotal circumference

Bill Beal

Angus Journal

Scrotal circumference (SC) is an important indicator of a bull’s sperm production. Actual SC measurements are a valuable part of prebreeding examinations, and adjusted 365-day SC is used in the Angus genetic evaluation to calculate the SC expected progeny difference (EPD). Actual SC should be used to predict the likelihood a bull will be a successful breeder. However, SC EPD is the best estimate of the bull’s genetic potential.

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Acorn and Oak Poisoning

Acorn and Oak Poisoning

Dr. Ken McMillan

DTN/The Progressive Farmer

Hungry cattle may over-consume acorns or oak buds, leading to kidney failure.

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BeefTalk: Looking for $200

BeefTalk: Looking for $200

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

Traditionally, income would be seen as a positive influence and expenses a negative in beef herds.

In the cow business, opportunity exists on both sides of the profit equation. Product value may be increased and product expenses decreased, so let’s set a goal to increase product sales by $100 per cow and lower expenses by $100 per cow.

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Selling the crisis of climate change

Selling the crisis of climate change

Gene Hall


The Obama Administration is again making noises on regulating climate change and, as usual, some are selling it as a crisis.

In talking with farmers and ranchers who have been on the land for multiple generations, I’ve seen a reluctance to agree that droughts should be blamed on manmade activity.

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Congress Passes Bill to Avert Meat Inspector Furloughs

Congress Passes Bill to Avert Meat Inspector Furloughs

Beef Cattle News

The House on Thursday passed a continuing resolution that will head off furloughs for U.S. meat inspectors that would have taken place this summer as a result of the sequester.

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Hay Prices Expected to Rise

Hay Prices Expected to Rise

Our recent winter weather may be causing more than icy road conditions. It may be to blame for the rising cost of certain ag products.

Hay prices are expected to go up this year, due to the drought seen all over the mid-west.

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Rancher carves niche with organic beef

Rancher carves niche with organic beef

San Francisco Chronicle

The cowboys up in Humboldt County told Clint Victorine to forget about being a cattleman – unless you inherit a ranch from your parents, they told him, there’s no money in it.

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From the Ground Up – Raising Commercial Steers

From the Ground Up – Raising Commercial Steers


This time of the year counties across the Brazos Valley are having their Youth Livestock Shows.

The commercial steer program gives young people a taste of everything that beef producers go through to get their product to market.

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Kansas City To Host 2013 National Junior Angus Show

Kansas City To Host 2013 National Junior Angus Show


The National Junior Angus Show (NJAS) is the highlight of the summer for many Angus families, and this year the event takes place July 5-11 in Kansas City, Mo. While the cattle shows are the main attraction, the week also includes the showmanship competition, junior activities and a variety of educational contests.

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The Bull On the Highway

The Bull On the Highway

Fence Post Diaries

On this day (several years ago), which ended with a bull on the highway, I started my morning around 2:30 a.m. on the east coast to catch a flight out of a small airport after a professional conference.

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