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Schedule Breeding Soundness Exams Before Turnout

Schedule Breeding Soundness Exams Before Turnout

North Dakota State University

 “If a bull can’t fertilize cows and you turn him out to breed, there are likely to be a lot of nonpregnant cows at the end of the year,” says Carl Dahlen, North Dakota State University Extension Service beef cattle specialist. “Because the No. 1 determinant of profit potential in a beef cow-calf operation is the birth of a live calf, turning out infertile bulls can have a tremendous impact on profitability in beef production systems.”

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The Ranch Business Plan

The Ranch Business Plan

The Cattleman

Ranching businesspeople offer their experience with planning in an environment full of risk.

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Extension specialists share important things to consider when shopping for bulls.

Extension specialists share important things to consider when shopping for bulls.

Sara Gugelmeyer

Hereford World

Buying a bull is a big decision. Especially if females are to be retained in the herd, the choices made today will affect the profitability of the operation for many years to come.

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Texas Cow Numbers Fall 22 Percent

Texas Cow Numbers Fall 22 Percent

Cattle Today

College Station – U.S. cattle numbers continue to shrink and Texas is no exception as the Lone Star State has experienced a 22 percent decline over the past three years, according to a Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service livestock specialist.

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Do Your Cows Need Vitamins?

Do Your Cows Need Vitamins?

Dr. Ken McMillan

DTN/The Progressive Farmer

One reader wants to know if his cows can benefit from a dose of Vitamins A, D and E.

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DNA as Risk Insurance

DNA as Risk Insurance

Kasey Miller

Angus Journal

Even with careful records and management, mistakes can be made or circumstances out of our control take effect.

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Safety the Focus of Beef Industry Summit

Safety the Focus of Beef Industry Summit


More than 160 leaders, including cattle producers, feeders, processors as well as retailers and foodservice operators, convened at the fifth annual Beef Industry Safety Summit March 5-7 in Dallas, Texas, to  explore solutions to safety challenges as well as review and update best practices based on the latest science.

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TDN Cost Of Hay Vs. Corn

TDN Cost Of Hay Vs. Corn

Nevil Speer   


Historically, corn has served as a relatively abundant and inexpensive source of energy – traditionally more favorable on a cost per pound of total digestible nutrients (TDN) perspective vs. hay.

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Putting the Weight

Putting the Weight

Brittany Martindale

Feedlot Magazine

With high corn prices and a drought affecting the agricultural industry all at once, many cattle feeders are looking for other ways to put weight on cattle before heading to the feedlot. Gains achieved through grazing and growing programs will likely have a cheaper cost of gain than those in the feedyard.

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USDA meat-labeling rules stir backlash

USDA meat-labeling rules stir backlash

Fox News

The U.S. Department of Agriculture is facing a backlash from small livestock producers and others over its move to tighten meat-labeling regulations, which would force them to separate animals based on where they were born, raised and slaughtered.

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