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BeefTalk: Survival Still is About Production Costs

BeefTalk: Survival Still is About Production Costs

By Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

The times are good pricewise for cattle, but cattle producers have a lot on their minds these days.

Calving has started on many ranches, and the complicated production scenarios already are constantly churning for producers.

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Beginning ranchers might consider leasing cows

Beginning ranchers might consider leasing cows

The Prairie Farmer

Declining numbers of farmers and ranchers and the increasing age of those who remain in the business are fueling the call to bring in and train young farmers and ranchers.

That has resulted in the development of programs to facilitate and promote arrangements between retiring and aspiring young farmers.

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Will long, difficult delivery of a calf affect rebreeding of the cow

Will long, difficult delivery of a calf affect rebreeding of the cow

Glenn Selk


In addition to being the greatest cause of baby calf mortality, calving difficulty markedly reduces reproductive performance during the next breeding season. Cattle suffering from calving difficulty have been reported (Brinks, et al. 1973) to have pregnancy rates decreased by 14 percent and those that did become pregnant to calve 13 days later at the next calving.

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Animal care is my responsibility

Animal care is my responsibility

Justin Dauer

Texas Agriculture Talks

I’m often puzzled by the notion that livestock are abused in pursuit of the almighty dollar.

I know some of that sentiment is generated by images seen on television or the internet of animal mistreatment. Just to set the record straight, I think anyone who abuses livestock should be out of the business. I do not condone abuse of any animal for any reason. Neither do the other farmers and ranchers I know.

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Louisiana beef, forage field day set for April 16 in Bossier City

Louisiana beef, forage field day set for April 16 in Bossier City

Bruce Schultz

Delta Farm Press

The Northwest Beef and Forage Field Day will be held April 16 at the LSU AgCenter Red River Research Station.

Topics will include cattle traceability, an overview of Louisiana beef research, using alternative fertilizers, weed control options, using forage legumes and a demonstration of baleage in a cow-calf operation.

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Bovine personalities and behavior

Bovine personalities and behavior

Bob Kahrs


Cows have individual personalities. Each one is a little different. They don’t speak but they do communicate via their behavior, interactions with herd-mates and people, eating habits, breeding practices, aggressiveness, and roles as herd leaders or followers.

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Cattle shortage hitting industry

Cattle shortage hitting industry

Garden City Telegram

Years of drought are reshaping the U.S. beef industry with feedlots and a major meatpacking plant closing because there are too few cattle left in the United States to support them.

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