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Grass Holds Key To Beef Cattle Expansion

Grass Holds Key To Beef Cattle Expansion

John Otte

Wallace’s Farmer

Cattle prices have been high for awhile. When will good prices prompt an expansion in nation’s beef cow herd? One factor is the pasture and hay situation.

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Weather affecting most every aspect of U.S. cattle market

Weather affecting most every aspect of U.S. cattle market

Derrell Peel

Tri State Livestock News

Weather in the U.S. has been making a complicated 2011 cattle market even cloudier, ultimately affecting everyone from producers to consumers.

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Campaigning for animal rights

Campaigning for animal rights

Cynthia Smoot

My Fox Tampa Bay

As the leader of one of the best known and most politically active animal-welfare groups in the country, Wayne Pacelle knows the bond between animals and humans.

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Beef-Buying Koreans Fuel Record Meat Rally in U.S. Groceries

Beef-Buying Koreans Fuel Record Meat Rally in U.S. Groceries

Elizabeth Campbell


Food shoppers in South Korea, Mexico and Japan are fueling a surge in U.S. beef prices just as demand is set to reach a seasonal peak this month and retailers including Sam’s Club promote the meat in stores.

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Animal rights group brings protest to Indianapolis

Animal rights group brings protest to Indianapolis


Mercy For Animals is touring the country to show people a movie that highlights abuses on factory farms. They’re showing a film from a retro-fitted truck that contains graphic images of the way the group says animals are being treated.

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Consider culling cows when faced with limited forage

Consider culling cows when faced with limited forage

High Plains Journal

Cattle producers faced with limited forage supplies because of drought or wildfire should be evaluating whether or not it is time to cull poorer producing cows.

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Beef rebound seen later this year

Beef rebound seen later this year

Amarillo Globe-News

Kevin Welch

Fed cattle hit an early peak this year at a record $122.72 per 100 pounds on April 8. According to TCFA Market Director Don Close, the typical fall in prices from the spring high to the summer low is about 12 percent. That would put the price at $107.99 before the typical recovery begins.

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The nature, scope and impact of genomic prediction in beef cattle

The nature, scope and impact of genomic prediction in beef cattle

Dorian Garrick

7th Space

Artificial selection has proven to be effective at altering the performance of animal production systems. Nevertheless, selection based upon assessment of the genetic superiority of candidates is suboptimal as a result of errors in the prediction of genetic merit.

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Preventing grass tetany

Preventing grass tetany

Greg Lardy

Tri State Livestock news

Grass tetany can be a potential problem when grazing lush spring growth. Grass tetany, or hypomagnesia, results when cattle or sheep consume a diet deficient in magnesium. As the term hypomagnesia implies, cattle with this condition suffer from low blood levels of magnesium.

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Impatient drivers at cattle crossings

Impatient drivers at cattle crossings

Jean Barton

Red Bluff Daily News

My story last week about flagging (stopping) motorists when moving cattle along county roads brought this story from an Alameda County CattleWoman friend.

"We had a similar incident happen a number of years ago here in Livermore on the north side of town.

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