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To my aching friend,

Thanks for writing about your mother. I empathize with your need to let the air out before you blow your top. It’s the reversal of roles.

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Tagging Cattle Too Early Can Have Consequences

Tagging Cattle Too Early Can Have Consequences

Skip French

Cattle Today

On the farm or ranch, procrastination usually translates to lost productivity and the accumulation of chores that eventually have to be dealt with – except now in a shorter time frame requiring more effort and expense.

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Colo. brewers give grain second life as cow feed

Colo. brewers give grain second life as cow feed



When Dillon Dam Brewery staff headed to Boulder’s Microbreweries for the Environment event April 22, they showcased beer whose grain waste doesn’t go to the landfill.

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Juniors to ‘Follow the Red Angus Road’ to Kansas and Missouri

Juniors to ‘Follow the Red Angus Road’ to Kansas and Missouri

Dawn Bernhard

The Fence Post

Red Angus junior members from across the United States will “Follow the Red Angus Road” to Kansas and Missouri at the Junior Round-Up held June 21–26, 2011. The Junior Red Angus Association of America (JRA) will host its 21st annual Junior Round-Up, an annual event rotated around the country each year.

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Cattle Organizations Sue EPA over Nutrient Plan

Cattle Organizations Sue EPA over Nutrient Plan


The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association and the Florida Cattlemen’s Association have filed a lawsuit challenging the Environmental Protection Agency’s determination letter and final rule establishing numeric nutrient criteria for Florida’s lakes, rivers, streams and springs.

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Strong Stock Farm going against the grain

Strong Stock Farm going against the grain

Carly Harrington


The 900-acre Strong Stock Farm, just six miles east of Interstate 40 along Rutledge Pike, has seen the number of cattle grazing on its green pastures go up and down like a roller coaster over its 220-year history.

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Pasture management worth the effort

Pasture management worth the effort

Peter Hagar

Press Republican

This is the time of year we look forward to all winter. April showers, or in recent days thunderstorms, bring May flowers, and for some of you that means mowing the lawn, a tedious weekly chore that must get done. For those of us with grazing animals, it means the end of feeding hay!

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