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Steve Cornett, Beef: The Safest Meat

Steve Cornett, Beef: The Safest Meat

Beef Today

Which foodborne pathogen do you think, off the top of your head, does the most damage to the American public?

If you’re like me (and, I suspect 98% of the news reporters in the world) you’ll think Beef. E. coli O157H7. That’s the one we hear so much about.

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Pre-grass stocker health management pays

Pre-grass stocker health management pays

Tri State Livestock News

Cattle health matters at every segment, but it could be the single biggest profit determinant for the stocker phase.

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More regulation equals less ranching

More regulation equals less ranching

Joe Parker, Jr.


It’s that time of the year here in Texas. It’s time for families to dust off the grill and get ready to barbecue. Since May kicks off barbecue season, it’s only fitting that this month is designated as National Beef Month. During National Beef Month, folks across the country will take time to recognize and celebrate U.S. ranchers and the great contributions they make to our country, especially our food supply.

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Seeing Double

Seeing Double

Katrina Huffstutler

The Cattleman

Lower birth weights and more pounds of weaned calves? Some producers may say, "Sign me up!" But twin calves aren’t always what they’re cracked up to be — there are definite pros and cons to double births.

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It’s Not All Blue Skies and Black Ink

It’s Not All Blue Skies and Black Ink

Victoria G. Myers

Progressive Farmer

Bob Eckenfels worries that one day his farm will just get swallowed up. He’s like a lot of cow-calf producers in this country. His herd numbers have dwindled, now holding at around 75 Angus crossbred cows.

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Change Expected in Japan’s 20-Month Rule

Change Expected in Japan’s 20-Month Rule


The so called “20-month rule” that has meant a significant amount of U.S. beef production has not been eligible for the Japanese marketplace, is being questioned. The rule was put into place following the 2003 discovery of BSE in two cattle in the United States.

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Detective work begins to find cause of dwarfism in Scottish beef herds

Detective work begins to find cause of dwarfism in Scottish beef herds

Andrew Arbuckle


Beef farmers are being asked to provide information that may help to solve a disease in cattle that has baffled the veterinary profession for several decades.

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Beef Producer Continues Scholarship Program

Beef Producer Continues Scholarship Program

Tom Bechman

Prairie Farmer

Some people just talk. Clark Sennett and his family, Montgomery County, walk the talk. For the third straight year, they’re offering the Sennett Farms Cattle Company Scholarship, a $500 scholarship that will be awarded later this summer.

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WSU scientists studying cattle disease genetics

WSU scientists studying cattle disease genetics


Capital Press

Scientists at Washington State University are taking key roles in two U.S. Department of Agriculture-funded studies centered on cattle health.

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Deworming necessary for maintaining efficient cattle

Deworming necessary for maintaining efficient cattle

Gayle Smith

Tri State Livestock News

It is never easy to maintain an efficient herd of cattle. With grain and hay prices on the rise, and grass becoming more expensive, a producer needs to do all they can to maintain a profitable bottom line.

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