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Enhancing Beef Value

Fred W. Pohlman was raised on a registered Angus, swine and row crop farm in Southeast Missouri. As a youth he was heavily involved in 4-H and American Junior Angus Association activities where he developed an interest in pursuing an Animal Science career. Dr. Pholman received his bachelor’s degree at the University of Missouri-Columbia. He attended the University of Tennessee-Knoxville where he received his M.S. degree in Food Technology and Science. Dr. Pohlman received his Ph.D. degree in Animal Science from Kansas State University. Dr. Pohlman joined the Department of Animal Science at the University of Arkansas in 1997.

The State of Antimicrobial Use by Beef Industry

The State of Antimicrobial Use by Beef Industry

Steve Suther

Angus Beef Bulletin

The livestock industry’s use of antimicrobial products — and antibiotics in particular — continues to draw criticism by activist groups, the media and politicians. They worry that it is leading to increased resistance among disease-causing organisms and reduced efficacy of antimicrobial therapy in humans.

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Is There Value and Safety in Implanting Nursing Calves?

Is There Value and Safety in Implanting Nursing Calves?

Oklahoma Farm Report

Many new technologies have been made available to the beef industry over the last 50 years. Few technologies have the potential return on investment as do growth promoting implants for nursing calves.

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Evaluating options for this year’s calf crop

Evaluating options for this year’s calf crop

Steve Paisley

Tri State Livestock News

I’ve discovered over the last few years that May articles are difficult to write. College students have been turned out for the summer, spring pairs are often branded and turned out on summer grass, and mentally many ranches have, for a short time, moved on to other priorities.

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Despite Storms, Some Areas Dealing with Drought

Despite Storms, Some Areas Dealing with Drought

Stephen B. Blezinger, Ph.D., PAS

Cattle Today

It’s hard to imagine that with all the storms we have had across much of the country that there are areas that have been dealing with drought conditions for months.

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John Harrington: The Spring of Livestock’s Discontent

John Harrington: The Spring of Livestock’s Discontent


While I’ve never claimed to fully understand the difference between El Nino and La Nina, the blips on Doppler radar, and the real implications of a split jet stream, such simple and straightforward rules have always helped me select the correct seasonal map and generally stumble forth in the right direction.

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Iowa Beef Producers Invited to Greenhorn Grazing Series

Iowa Beef Producers Invited to Greenhorn Grazing Series


Beef producers interested in learning to optimize forage and livestock production while conserving natural resources may attend the southern Iowa Greenhorn Grazing series.

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Take the Cattlemen’s Beef Board Quiz

Take the Cattlemen’s Beef Board Quiz

Take the Beef Checkoff Trivia Challenge for your chance to win a $50 gift card or one of five I Heart Beef caps.

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Program aims to boost reservation beef production

Program aims to boost reservation beef production


A group of researchers from North and South Dakota is working on a project to help members of the Standing Rock Indian Reservation restore the land and raise cattle.

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Time vaccinations to ‘prime’ calf’s immune system

Time vaccinations to ‘prime’ calf’s immune system


Farm and Ranch Guide

A beef calf can greatly benefit from vaccinations that take into account its levels of passive maternal antibiodies and active immune system.

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