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Grass vs Feed for Stocker Cattle Production

Grass vs Feed for Stocker Cattle Production

Dr. Brett Barham

University of Arkansas

Business Leader, Hereford Breeder Amon Carter Evans Passes

Business Leader, Hereford Breeder Amon Carter Evans Passes

Hereford breeder Amon Carter Evans passed away suddenly at this home in Henry county Tennessee Tuesday, He was 77. Mr. Evans was the owner of Rattle and Snap farm a leading breeder of Polled Hereford cattle in the 1980’s. His obituary from The Tennessean is linked below. While most obituaries note his accomplishments in the newspaper field, few have sited his dedication to purebred livestock.

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Reunion for former SDSU livestock teams this June

Reunion for former SDSU livestock teams this June

Kindra Gordon

The Cattle Business Weekly

The trophies, plaques, and ribbons that SDSU’s livestock judging teams have accumulated over the decades are a testament to the long-standing success of the program.

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Plan Early to Evacuate Cattle Safely, Quickly

Plan Early to Evacuate Cattle Safely, Quickly

Karen Templeton

Cattle Today

As the Mississippi River continues to rise, those who keep cattle in Delta floodplains need to prepare to move them to higher ground.

Before evacuating, owners need to ensure their cattle are uniquely and permanently identified. Proper identification will be needed to prove ownership and to reclaim cattle before returning home.

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Future of animal ag relies on collaboration, communication

Future of animal ag relies on collaboration, communication


The worlds of science, politics, and agricultural advocacy intersected at the Animal Agriculture Alliance’s 2011 Stakeholders Summit, held May 5-6 in Arlington, VA. The tenth annual event brought together nearly 200 leaders across the food and farm sector to examine the theme: “United We Eat: Securing Animal Agriculture’s Future”.

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BeefTalk: Increasing Input Costs Troublesome

BeefTalk: Increasing Input Costs Troublesome

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

Numbers are sketchy, but perhaps that remains at the heart of the many issues in the beef business. Granted, there are numbers by the truckload for markets and feedlots. These numbers are utilized daily and help guide those involved in some portions of the beef industry.

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Organic? Just what does that mean?

Organic? Just what does that mean?

John ‘Doc’ Fabiano

You cannot swing my pet rat these days without hitting an article about "organics." If they let me bring the little guy into the local grocery, he’d hit something labeled "organic" or "green" less than 45 degrees into a good arc.

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Natural Farming: Inspiring Passionate ‘Stewards’

Natural Farming: Inspiring Passionate ‘Stewards’

Heather Sells

CBN News

Joel Salatin is an outspoken, alternative farmer who wants Americans to think about what they eat and where it comes from.

And he thinks the Church should be leading the way.

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Drought Forcing A Cattle Sell-Off

Drought Forcing A Cattle Sell-Off


Several factors have led to the shortage of beef and the delay of rebuilding the cow herd, but the biggest one is drought.

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American Cowboys Bring Beef Cows to Russia

American Cowboys Bring Beef Cows to Russia

St. Petersburg News

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russians ate most of their beef cows as the system of reproduction broke down. Now American ranchers are working to rebuild Russia’s herd.Darrell Stevenson, an American cowboy and cattle rancher, is not riding the black earth country of Russia to film a western movie.

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