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Basics of Bull Leasing

Basics of Bull Leasing

Dr. Brett Barham

University of Arkansas

Using Beef Cattle EPDs To Select Herd Sires

Using Beef Cattle EPDs To Select Herd Sires

Robert Fears

Cattle Management

EPDs (Expected Progeny Differences) are commonly used by cow/calf operators to select herd sires either to buy semen for artificial insemination or bulls to breed cows naturally. Even though EPDs are an accepted herd sire purchasing tool, their definitions, correct use and significance are not always clearly understood.

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Carcass conformation and fat cover scores in beef cattle

Carcass conformation and fat cover scores in beef cattle

7th Space

Beef carcass conformation and fat cover scores are measured by subjective grading performed by trained technicians. The discrete nature of these scores is taken into account in genetic evaluations using a threshold model, which assumes an underlying continuous distribution called liability that can be modelled by different methods.

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A Lousy Situation

A Lousy Situation

Troy Smith

Angus Journal

In much of cow country, this past winter/early spring was a bad one for cattle lice. Or, you might say, it was good for lice. What we mean is these parasitic insects could be found in abundance.

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Programming rather than riding fences

Programming rather than riding fences


Our world of electronic conveniences has now reached the cow pasture. In the not-so-distant future, landscapes may be dotted only with virtual fences and cattle will be herded with global positioning system (GPS) technology.

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Beef demand enjoys seasonal uptick – at last

Beef demand enjoys seasonal uptick – at last


Demand for beef has, at last, seen a seasonal pick-up ahead of the traditional start date for the US barbecue season, although analysts expressed doubts about the longevity of the rebound, and its impact on cattle futures.

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US cattle inspectors leave Mexico amid drug war

US cattle inspectors leave Mexico amid drug war


TV 6

Wearing a grey-felt cowboy hat, long-sleeve ivory-colored shirt and freshly laundered jeans, Dr. Arnoldo Gutierrez begins his daily rounds by walking into a dusty pen baking in the South Texas heat.

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