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Video Feature: Genetic Antagonisms of Important Traits and Carcass Quality

Video Feature:  Genetic Antagonisms of Important Traits and Carcass Quality

University of Arkansas

Dr. Weaber grew up on a cow-calf operation in southern Colorado and went on to earn a BS in animal science followed by a Masters degree in the Beef Industry Leadership Program at Colorado State University. He completed his doctoral studies in the Animal Breeding and Genetics Group at Cornell University.

Quality Beef Starts With You

Quality Beef Starts With You


Consumer demand for high-quality beef has been on the rise, and so have cattle prices. A more secure future for ranching points toward quality, but what does it take to get there?

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Overcoming Obstacles to Timed AI

Overcoming Obstacles to Timed AI

Steve Suther

Angus Beef Bulletin

Yet many of the Missouri producers now using AI never thought about it 10 years ago.

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Genuine Texas Beef comes from native prime

Genuine Texas Beef comes from native prime

Times Record News

It is said that "everything’s bigger in Texas," and nothing is bigger than Texans’ love for their state and things that originate from it. It is this homegrown pride that provides the foundation for the new Genuine Texas Beef brand, which is available only in Texas at United Supermarkets and its Market Street and Amigos stores.

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Cattlemen protest EPA’s water act guidance

Cattlemen protest EPA’s water act guidance

Southwest Farm Press

National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) Deputy Environmental Counsel Ashley Lyon said the Obama administration has once again acted as an “activist” administration rather than simply implementing laws as intended by Congress and required under the U.S. Constitution.

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Report Examines Air Issues and Livestock Production

Report Examines Air Issues and Livestock Production

Beef Today

A scientific consortium recently published an issue paper regarding large livestock production facilities and air quality. The purpose of the paper was to go beyond the generalizations and accusations often associated with the air quality topic.

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BeefTalk: A Significant Storm Event

BeefTalk: A Significant Storm Event

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

A significant storm event occurred last Saturday, the last day of April, for those of us in western North Dakota. Significant storm events actually occurred in several areas of the country last week, resulting in the tragic loss of life. Our hearts go out to those who lost family and friends.

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