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Video Feature: Managing Pastures for 300 Days of Grazing

Dr. Brett Barham

University of Arkansas



Dave came by. I had seen him last week at the horse sale. “Did you sell that horse you were on, what was his name?”

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Cull Reproductive Losses in Cattle Herds

Cull Reproductive Losses in Cattle Herds

Beef Today

As producers begin to tally and evaluate this season’s calf crop, they should keep reproductive health top of mind, says John Rodgers, DVM, Veterinary Operations, Pfizer Animal Health.

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Implanting nursing calves and summer yearlings

Implanting nursing calves and summer yearlings

Ivan G. Rush

Tri State Livestock News

It is nice to see the spring rains come to get the grass started; hopefully timely rains will continue. I have been hearing some grumbling about the persistent rains, and after trudging through considerable mud and rain today, I understand the frustration, but these days will pass.

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Livestock Industry Concerned About Important Tax Benefits

Livestock Industry Concerned About Important Tax Benefits

John Alan Cohan, Attorney at Law

Cattle Today

Proper decision making and advance planning are crucial elements in operating a profitable livestock venture. Ever since the inception of income tax, all areas of farming have enjoyed generous tax benefits.

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Do High Prices Destroy Demand?

Do High Prices Destroy Demand?


During the period of rapidly increasing commodity prices since the summer of 2010, there has been occasional reference to “demand destruction” resulting from higher prices. That terminology is misleading and conceptually incorrect.

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Breeding for Black Baldies

Breeding for Black Baldies

Dr. Ken McMillan


Black is a dominant color in cattle and red is recessive. In genetics, the dominant trait is represented by a capital letter—"B" in this case—and the recessive trait by the lowercase letter "b."
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