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Branding season. Spring time west of the Mississippi. Long days in the saddle. Sitting on a horse miles from nowhere, it seems, trying to spot cows on the gather, silence except for the thud of your horses’ hooves.

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Pay Attention to Parasites

Pay Attention to Parasites

Barb Anderson

Angus Journal

Internal parasite problems can affect the nutrition and reproduction of your cow herd, as well as deliver a blow to your bottom line. Most producers have a standard protocol for treatment.

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Parasite Population Dynamics

Parasite Population Dynamics

Craig Payne

Beef Veterinarian, University of Missouri

A common question veterinarians receive is, “When is the best time of year to deworm the cowherd, if I’m only going to deworm one time?” To answer this question requires a basic understanding of parasite population dynamics.

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‘Cattle are as good to you as you are to them’

‘Cattle are as good to you as you are to them’


Ottumwa Courier

For many southeast Iowa cattle producers, herd numbers are down. And that’s a good sign — it means prices are up.

But while farmers are making more for their cattle, they’re also paying more for the corn and soybeans needed to feed the animals.

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Cattlemen challenged to protect herds during flood

Cattlemen challenged to protect herds during flood

Mississippi Business Journal

As the Mississippi River continues to rise, those who keep cattle in Delta floodplains need to prepare to move them to higher ground.

Before evacuating, owners need to ensure their cattle are uniquely and permanently identified. Proper identification will be needed to prove ownership and to reclaim cattle before returning home.

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MSU researchers to create beef tracking program

MSU researchers to create beef tracking program

Britteny Dee

The State News

After the implementation of a new pilot program at MSU, consumers will have access to more information about the beef they purchase at the grocery store — using their smart phone.

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Cattle rustling still a problem

Cattle rustling still a problem

Jean Barton

Red Bluff Daily News

It seems that last year there were cattle missing at gathering time in Tehama County in the Hunter, Pettyjohn, Bowman area. Bently from Agri Dynamics, an absentee owner lost many yearling beef cattle. I heard it was a truck load or more. Lloyd Faria and Lee Loverin also came up short when they gathered their cattle.

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