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Adding Value to Your Calves

Don Hubbell

Don Hubbell speaks on ways to add value to your calves.

Plan now for heat stress

Plan now for heat stress

Geni Wren

Bovine Veterinarian

On a Friday in mid-July 2010 the area around west central Kansas was forecasted for high heat, high humidity and virtually no wind. Temperatures that afternoon were in the mid-90s, humidity was above 80%, and the air was still.

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Steve Cornett:  Packers’ Congressional “Minions” vs. USDA

Steve Cornett:  Packers’ Congressional “Minions” vs. USDA

Beef Today

USDA and APHIS must be wondering where they went wrong. They seemed to have so much momentum.

Yet, somewhere in the halls of USDA lingers a rule that a year ago Secretary Vilsack promised  “would provide significant new protections for producers against unfair, fraudulent or retaliatory practices.”

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First-born beef advantage

First-born beef advantage

Tuff Birmingham


Early-born calves have a better chance than the later born of making a profit for their owners.

That’s what a 2010 study of Iowa Tri-County Steer Carcass Futurity (TCSCF) data helped confirm. The analysis looked at birth date and age of Angus-Simmental rotational crossbred calves, compared to their feedlot performance and carcass traits.

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Does your stocking rate fit your cow size?

Does your stocking rate fit your cow size?

Ken Olson

Tri State Livestock News

I have talked about issues with increasing cow size in my last few columns. I would like to address this topic one more time from the perspective of how it impacts stocking rate on pastures. In my last article, April 16, I discussed the inability for large cows with high-nutrient requirements to meet those requirements in a grazing situation.

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How to deal with dead farm animals? Composting might be answer

How to deal with dead farm animals? Composting might be answer

Janet Patton


Every living animal dies. When it happens unexpectedly on a farm, it can be inconvenient and expensive to deal with. But a natural method of disposal is catching on that gives a whole new meaning to "chipped beef."

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Producer Pushes For More Profitable Herd

Producer Pushes For More Profitable Herd

Boyd Kidwell

Progressive Farmer

Terry Slusher, of Floyd, Va., received a wake-up call several years ago. Slusher sent five steers to a feedlot as part of a commingled truckload in an Extension demonstration project. The Blue Ridge Mountain cattleman expected his calves to be top performers.

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On-Pasture Finishing Viable for Smaller Feeders

On-Pasture Finishing Viable for Smaller Feeders

Alan Newport

Beef Producer

Researchers in Oklahoma and Illinois recently released cost-saving details of their experiments with feed-finishing calves in a pasture setting.

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Invite a Cow to Lunch

Invite a Cow to Lunch

Tom Bechman

Indiana Prairie Farmer

Many of you may bring a cow to lunch, only not in the form the cow might like. Whoever invented the ‘Eat More Chicken’ commercial was a genius. Often, the cow comes to the table in the form of a steak or hamburger.

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Auburn University hosting statewide Beef Field Day

Auburn University hosting statewide Beef Field Day

The Wetumpka Herald

The Alabama Beef Cattle Improvement Association working with the Auburn Animal Sciences Department and The Alabama Cooperative Extension System will host a statewide Beef Field Day.

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