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Promoting seedstock through YouTube

Promoting seedstock through YouTube

Codi Vallery-Mills

The Cattle Business Weekly

"I bought my bull after viewing YouTube."

The above sounds like a funny statement but it is today’s reality. The use of video is becoming more and more prolific in the cattle industry for sales and promotion. Some cattle producers are making use of video technology by creating DVDs of their ranch and bull sale lineup while others are implementing video into their production sales so the animals never have to set foot in the sale ring.

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Cattle Healthline: When You Need to Provide Calving Assistance

Cattle Healthline: When You Need to Provide Calving Assistance

Dan Goehl

Beef Today

Calving season is a time of nervous anticipation. We look forward to the new crop of calves and seeing the past year’s efforts hit the ground running. But calving problems (or dystocia) are a concern for many cow–calf producers.

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Calf Pneumonia

Calf Pneumonia


Respiratory diseases in young animals

Enzootic pneumonia in young calves is a multifactorial disease that occurs mainly in two different systems: in housed dairy calves reared for replacement or in housed calves reared for beef in a herd other than the herd of origin. Dairy calves are likely to suffer from the disease at any age, with it manifesting itself as a chronic, coughing pneumonia, or as a more acute, enzootic calf pneumonia.

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Bovine Genomic Test Expands DNA Evaluation

Bovine Genomic Test Expands DNA Evaluation


Bovine genomics technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace. Since the first genetic marker in beef cattle—a marker for marbling—was available in 2000, rapid advancements in the breadth and application of genomics have transformed the landscape of beef cattle genetics.

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Confirmed cattle tuberculosis in SD not linked to Nebraska case

Confirmed cattle tuberculosis in SD not linked to Nebraska case

The Cattle Business Weekly

State Veterinarian Dustin Oedekoven confirms a cattle herd in Yankton County has been found positive for bovine tuberculosis (TB) after a 3-year-old cow from the herd was confirmed to be infected with the disease. The herd has been quarantined for additional testing.

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Missouri farmers offer FREE groceries for a year

Missouri farmers offer FREE groceries for a year

Karen Deer

St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Missouri residents can register for two grand prizes of “Free Groceries for a Year,” courtesy of Missouri’s farmers, at FarmersFeedUS.org.

Upon visiting the site, you will be able to register by meeting a Missouri farmer and learning how they produce safe, nutritious and affordable food.

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Hay Quality Makes Big Difference in Gains, Health

Hay Quality Makes Big Difference in Gains, Health

Becky Mills

DTN/Progressive Farmer

Maybe you’ve decided your neighbor with the big equipment can make hay cheaper than you can, or maybe it didn’t rain and you’re in a tight bind. Either way, you’re a hay customer.

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Cattle Producers Hoping for a Better 2010

Cattle Producers Hoping for a Better 2010

Samantha Mehrotra

After a tough season last year, cattle producers are hoping to jump back this year.

Our milder winter is already a good sign that producers might be able to rake in a better profit in 2010.

But despite better weather conditions, the cattle market is still experiencing rough times because of tough economic conditions.

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Beef Checkoff Working to Publish the Positive about Beef

Beef Checkoff Working to Publish the Positive about Beef

Western Livestock Journal

If you have been on a Southwest Airlines flight in the last three months, found yourself lacking reading material, and reached into the seat pocket in front of you, you may have noticed articles published in their Spirit magazine that contained negative information about beef (one in October 2009 and another in November 2009).

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Winter weather challenging for feedlots

Winter weather challenging for feedlots


Cattle typically can withstand a single snow storm. However, this winter’s back-to-back snow storms combined with high winds and low temperatures mean cattle may not make it to market as fast, a University of Nebraska-Lincoln beef cattle specialist says. Keeping cattle fed, dry and comfortable is critical for accomplishing production goals, said Terry Mader, University of Nebraska beef cattle specialist.

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Symposium offers tools for better cattle management

Symposium offers tools for better cattle management

Audry Olmsted, New Mexico State University

Southwest Farm Press

Cattle producers can expect to receive the tools they need to better manage their herds at the 2010 Southwest Beef Symposium, Jan. 20-21 in Tucumcari.

The Southwest Beef Symposium is a joint effort between the New Mexico State University Cooperative Extension Service and Texas AgriLife Extension. The symposium provides decision-making tools to beef producers in the Southwest.

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Upcoming Cow-Calf Producers Meeting

Upcoming Cow-Calf Producers Meeting


Most cow-calf producers would like to receive more income for the calves they produce.  A special meeting addressing adding market value will be offered to cow-calf producers on Feb. 3, from 1-4 p.m. at the Fire Station in Moville, IA and on Feb. 4, from 9:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. at the Security State Bank in Sutherland, IA.

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Black Ink: No boundaries

Black Ink:  No boundaries

Steve Suther

The Fence Post

In a snow globe, the white flakes drift peacefully on a quiet farmyard. When cattlemen trudge through 4-foot snow drifts in 30 mile-per-hour winds and single-digit temperatures to check on a sick calf, it isn’t exactly the same picture of serenity. At that moment, Northern producers must think they must live in the toughest place in the world for raising cattle.

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AHA Announces Spring 2010 Gold TPR Breeders

AHA Announces Spring 2010 Gold TPR Breeders

Eighty-nine dedicated Hereford breeders achieved Gold TPR TM (Total Performance Records) status for spring 2010, according to the American Hereford Association (AHA).

The Gold TPR Breeder recognition is presented to progressive Hereford breeders who have measured traits and collected and promptly submitted performance data at all levels of production.

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Stabbing of 17 cattle called ‘senseless’ crime

Stabbing of 17 cattle called ‘senseless’ crime


Des Moines Register

There are a few things already known about a bizarre crime last week in the Poweshiek County town of Montezuma.

Law enforcement authorities know where and when it happened – at the Montezuma Sales Co. sale barn, sometime between Tuesday evening and the next morning.

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