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Temple Grandin Biopic To Debut On HBO On Feb. 6

Temple Grandin Biopic To Debut On HBO On Feb. 6

Joe Roybal

BEEF Magazine

The U.S. beef industry will be front and center of America on Feb. 6 at 8 p.m. (EST). That marks the premiere on HBO of a biopic entitled “Temple Grandin.” The work chronicles the developmental and early professional years of Temple Grandin, the noted animal behaviorist and designer of livestock-handling facilities.

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DJ Analysts See Continued US Cattle Herd Contraction In 2010

DJ Analysts See Continued US Cattle Herd Contraction In 2010

Lester Aldrich

DOW JONES NEWSWIRES/Agriculture Online

The U.S. cattle herd could continue contracting in 2010 because the slow economic recovery has not found its way back to the cow-and-calf producer.

  Feedlots may become more profitable later this year, reversing a two-to-three-year trend, but it will take time to filter back to producers and encourage them to begin rebuilding their herds, market analysts said.  

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Every Step Matters

Every Step Matters

Laura Nelson

Angus Journal

John Haverhals hasn’t gone very far in life— literally.

He grew up in Sioux Center, Iowa, 6 miles east of Hudson, S.D. Now 6 miles west of Hudson at Haverhals Feedlot, the owner-manager jokes about the meager 12-mile journey he’s made in life.

Figuratively speaking, however, he’s often leagues ahead of feeding industry peers.

Clients of his custom-feeding business are the first to reap the benefits of Haverhals’ penchant for looking ahead. He started encouraging producers to use electronic identification (eID) several years before source- and age-verified premiums made them a staple of value-added marketing.

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Hereford Denver Activities Planned

Hereford Denver Activities Planned

Cattle Today

Hereford activities during the 2010 National Western Stock Show (NWSS) in Denver will be Jan. 13-16. The event will kick off with the junior Hereford show Wednesday, Jan. 13, at 2 p.m.

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Customers Back Ammonia-Treated Beef After Report

Customers Back Ammonia-Treated Beef After Report

New York Times

Restaurant chains and beef processors defended their products’ safety Thursday after a report that an ammonia treatment thought to kill harmful germs in meat isn’t as effective as the industry and regulators believed.

The New York Times reported Thursday, citing government and industry records, that E. coli and salmonella were found dozens of times in testing for the federal school lunch program on ammonia-treated beef from Beef Products Inc. The meat was not served.

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To make your breeding season successful, the work starts now

To make your breeding season successful, the work starts now

Codi Vallery-Mills

The Cattle Business Weekly

A checklist for effective bull management

The seedstock you chose to put in your pasture every breeding season has the greatest potential to influence your herd’s genetics and calf characteristics and a bull’s nutrition can be a limiting factor on how well that potential is tapped.

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 Will Vegetarian Humans One Day ‘Emit’ More Carbon Dioxide & Methane Than Cows?

 Will Vegetarian Humans One Day ‘Emit’ More Carbon Dioxide & Methane Than Cows?

John Laumer

Tree Hugger

Could vegetarianism heroics – billions more going mostly meatless – really scale up to save the climate? Take your minds forward with me into a gas cloud where no man has gone before, propelled by indigestible carbohydrates, as we explore the feasibility of answering that question.

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Vegetarians Turning Over A New Leaf By Eating “Lovingly raised meat”

Vegetarians Turning Over A New Leaf By Eating “Lovingly raised meat”

John Dvorak

For as long as people have been foreswearing meat, they’ve also been sneaking the occasional corn dog. The difference is, vegetarians used to feel guilty about their sins of the flesh-consumption. Now, thanks to the cachet attached to high-end meat, they are having their burgers without sacrificing the moral high ground.

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Fulford: Antibiotics in livestock troubling

Fulford: Antibiotics in livestock troubling

Edward Fulford


Two saving graces preventing the spread of disease from cows to humans has been our much more acidic digestive system, and the use of antibiotics.

Most of the bugs that live in cows haven’t been able to live in us, and those that can make the jump can be eradicated with antibiotics.

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Pasture Fed~Better For You, or Is It? and WHY? Animal Welfare and YOU!

Pasture Fed~Better For You, or Is It? and WHY? Animal Welfare and YOU!

Hartford Examiner

Deb Bagley

Today lets talk about Pasture Fed Animals. Pasture fed means, um, fed pasture and/or grass, right? Well, yes but it means MUCH more then that. What is the benefit to some species of being pasture fed (and no we are not just talking cows here), and what does it mean to YOU as a consumer?? You have all seen the signs in the grocery store “Pasture Fed” why is that better, or is it?

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Feedout steers perform well, still lose money

Feedout steers perform well, still lose money

Nevada Daily Mail

Steers in the recent Missouri Street Feedout performed well but still ended up losing money according to Eldon Cole, a University of Missouri Extension livestock specialist.

"The 90 steers that were harvested in Iowa, performed admirably when gain, conversion and carcass merit were considered," said Cole. "But they still came in with an average loss per head of $72.51."

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My new year’s resolution? No more red meat

My new year’s resolution? No more red meat

Leah McLaren

The Globe and Mail

Editor’s note: Stories of this ilk are included in the blog to inform those in our industry how agriculture is being presented to and perceived by the public.

But don’t get me wrong, I have no interest in becoming a vegetarian

This year for Christmas I poisoned the in-laws.

They had flown all the way from Toronto to spend the holidays in London, dragging several extra bags of gifts across the Atlantic like a modern-day Santa and Mrs. Claus. In return, I had planned a feast for dinner.

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Taiwan to Block U.S. Beef Imports

Taiwan to Block U.S. Beef Imports

Hoosier AG Today

  Two months ago the United States and Taiwan signed a bilateral agreement that expanded the list of U.S. beef products Taiwan would accept as imports. But now, Taiwan’s political parties have agreed to ban ground beef, offal and possibly bone-in beef from any country found to have bovine spongiform encephalopathy in the past 10 years. If these beef import restrictions are voted into law next week, the new ban would effectively revoke the October agreement.

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Colorado State Gets Federal Funds To Measure Emissions From Cattle Feedlots

Colorado State Gets Federal Funds To Measure Emissions From Cattle Feedlots


Colorado State University researchers have received $1.15 million in federal funds to study how much nitrogen and ammonia are emitted from cattle feedlots.

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Beef cattle marketing seminar set for Jan. 21

Beef cattle marketing seminar set for Jan. 21


A beef cattle marketing program is set for Jan. 21 at the Sioux Falls Regional Livestock Auction Barn near Worthing.

The program takes place from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and costs $10 per person. The fee covers the cost of a meal.

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