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It’s been a long time since I’ve felt anything but sadness for the wild horses.

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Crossbreeding – Its Cool Again! Part 2

Crossbreeding – Its Cool Again! Part 2

Dr. Scott P. Greiner, Extension Animal Scientist, VA Tech

Note:  This article is Part 2 in a three part series dealing with crossbreeding.

Part 1 of this series dealt with the fundamental principles of crossbreeding.  The primary advantages of crossbreeding beef cattle are heterosis (hybrid vigor) and breed complimentarity. The power of crossbreeding results from the advantages of the crossbred cow, due to her advantages in fertility, weaning weights, and longevity.

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Let the Cows Do the Work

Let the Cows Do the Work

Becky Mills

Progressive Farmer/DTN

Virginia Producer Uses Carefully Planned Rotation, Stockpiling System

"Our operation isn’t fancy," says Robert Shoemaker. "We let the cows do the work." And work they do. Using rotational grazing and stockpiled forages, the Delaplane, Va., cattleman runs 250 cows and 50 bred heifers year-round with little hay or supplement.

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Steve Cornett:  New Year Certainties

Steve Cornett:  New Year Certainties

Beef Today

It would be easy to look back on beef’s 2009 and find things to complain about. But that would be, well, complaining. And we don’t do that, do we? If we weren’t all optimists we wouldn’t be expecting to support our families off something coming out of that end of a cow anyhow, would we?

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Westchester Foundation Scholarship

Westchester Foundation Scholarship

After 12 years, The Westchester Foundation is still staying true to their mission: to identify and assist outstanding students with leadership capabilities committed to a career in agriculture by providing financial assistance to ensure that these potential leaders of our industry successfully complete their education.

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Progressive producers: Cashing in on individual cattle management

Progressive producers: Cashing in on individual cattle management

Shelby Haag

Farm and Ranch Guide

You cannot manage what you cannot measure – the simple principle of the Decatur Beef Alliance which aims to get progressive producers out of the commodity business and into the value-added beef business.

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Selecting a Cattle Feedlot Site

Selecting a Cattle Feedlot Site

Gary DiGiuseppe

American Cattlemen

Curt Zimmerman believes the cattle industry is starting to return to the Midwest—and he’s here to help.“Not that it’s ever left entirely,” says Zimmerman, who is livestock development supervisor for the Minnesota Department of Agriculture. “But we get more and more calls and inquiries from the western and southern state operators who are looking to relocate.

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