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Save the Planet: Eat More Beef

Save the Planet: Eat More Beef

Lisa Abend


On a farm in coastal Maine, a barn is going up. Right now it’s little more than a concrete slab and some wooden beams, but when it’s finished, the barn will provide winter shelter for up to six cows and a few head of sheep. None of this would be remarkable if it weren’t for the fact that the people building the barn are two of the most highly regarded organic-vegetable farmers in the country: Eliot Coleman wrote the bible of organic farming, The New Organic Grower, and Barbara Damrosch is the Washington Post’s gardening columnist.

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Is Stocking Rate So Important?

Is Stocking Rate So Important?

R. Dwayne Rice, Rangeland Management Specialist, Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS)

Selecting the correct stocking rate for a pasture may be the most difficult, but also the most important, decision a manager can make. The problem would be greatly simplified if forage yields from pastures were the same year after year or fluctuated only between narrow limits. It is this unpredictability of forage yield that causes the difficulty.

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Montana Steer of Merit certifications increase

Montana Steer of Merit certifications increase

The Cattle Business Weekly

Montana State University Extension and the Montana Stockgrowers Association (MSGA) distinguished 190 "Steers of Merit" out of over 950 entries for 2009. Out of 852 steers entered in the Carcass Division, 159 were deemed Steers of Merit. In the Ultrasound Division, 31 out of 104 entries received the distinction.

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Pfizer Animal Genetics Announces Availability of High-Density 50K for Angus Cattle

Pfizer Animal Genetics Announces Availability of High-Density 50K for Angus Cattle

A significant milestone in the history of beef genetics occurred today when Pfizer Animal Genetics announced the completion of HD 50K, the beef industry’s first commercially available predictions based on a High-Density panel of more than 50,000 markers. This breakthrough represents significantly greater selection opportunities for owners of black Angus cattle.

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Dairy & Beef Industry Animal Husbandry Conference Slated

Dairy & Beef Industry Animal Husbandry Conference Slated

Wisconsin Ag Connection The University of Wisconsin-Extension will host a one-day statewide conference on March 5 to address one of the most important emerging issues in agriculture–animal handling and well-being.

Dairy and beef producers, veterinarians, farm service providers, educators and interested elected officials are invited to attend this conference that focuses on expanding awareness and understanding about the growing concern nationwide of how farm animals are cared for and what the implications could be for large animal agriculture in Wisconsin.

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Sioux Falls stockyards passing into history

Sioux Falls stockyards passing into history

Janet Kubat Willette

Agri News

The Sioux Falls stockyards are selling cattle panels, gates and equipment at a sale Jan. 14.

It’s another step toward the closure of the stockyards that date back to 1917.

The auction, which begins at 10 a.m., offers people a chance to buy a piece of history, said stockyards manager Paul Scott.

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Otter proposes delaying funds for research center

Otter proposes delaying funds for research center


Capital Press

Gov. C.L. "Butch" Otter opened the 2010 legislative session with some bad news for Idaho’s livestock sector.

Otter said he wants to cut $40 million from state spending and delay the state’s commitment of $10 million for the Idaho National Center for Livestock and Environmental Studies.

Dairymen to continue fundraising efforts, UI will work to maintain partnership

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R-CALF Submits Information for Investigation

R-CALF Submits Information for Investigation


R-CALF USA has submitted its overview of the current state of the U.S. cattle industry to the U.S. Departments of Justice and Agriculture. Justice and Agriculture are jointly investigating the current state of competition in U.S. livestock markets and other agricultural markets.

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Beef Cattle Production in the US – Industry Risk Rating Report – new report published

Beef Cattle Production in the US – Industry Risk Rating Report – new report published


This is the replacement for the March 2009 edition of Beef Cattle Production in the US Industry Risk Ratings Report. Industry Risk Ratings Synopsis This Industry Risk Ratings report evaluates the inherent risks associated with the Beef Cattle Production in the US industry.

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Kentucky Livestock producers receive $4.5 million in livestock disaster payments

Kentucky Livestock producers receive $4.5 million in livestock disaster payments

Journal Times

USDA has already made more than $4.5 million in disaster payments to Kentucky’s livestock producers after implementing two new programs in 2009, demonstrating USDA’s commitment to rapidly meeting the goals of Congress and providing farmers and ranchers with timely and effective disaster assistance.

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BeefTalk: Can You Afford to Develop Replacement Heifers?

BeefTalk: Can You Afford to Develop Replacement Heifers?

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

Developing heifers is not as simple as sorting off a few heifers to be kept back for replacements. Recent sales of heifers developed at the center showed a wide range in prices received.

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Maintaining Cattle Health & Condition In Harsh Winter Months

Maintaining Cattle Health & Condition In Harsh Winter Months


Winter weather brings a unique set of challenges for beef producers and their livestock. This year, producers throughout the Great Plains and Midwest are dealing with their share of heavy snow and below-normal temperatures. Harsh weather—cold, damp and windy conditions—can be as tough on cattle as it is on those charged with keeping them healthy and in good condition.

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John Harrington:  Scooping Bunks With Al Gore

John Harrington:  Scooping Bunks With Al Gore


Beijing had its coldest morning in almost 40 years and its biggest snowfall since 1951. Britain is suffering through its longest cold snap since 1981. And freezing weather is gripping the Deep South, including Florida’s orange groves and beaches.

Whatever happened to global warming?

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Beef Cattle Institute Training Modules

Beef Cattle Institute Training Modules

Bovine Veterinarian

The Beef Cattle Institute (BCI) has developed audiovisual modules, in both English and Spanish, that outline best management practices for cattle handling, health management, processing, and beef and dairy beef quality assurance.

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Spencer Livestock Sales receives Iowa Beef Quality Assurance Award

Spencer Livestock Sales receives Iowa Beef Quality Assurance Award

The Cattle Business Weekly

Morris Larson, Spencer Livestock Sales, of Spencer, Iowa, was honored at the Iowa Cattlemen’s Association Annual Convention in Ames, Iowa on Jan. 5 with the Iowa Beef Quality Assurance Award.

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