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Most of us in our daily lives have occasion to be a good Samaritan. It’s a tenet in the Cowboy Code; to be kind to the less fortunate, to help someone in need.

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Farmers Take Extra Care When the Cold Rolls In

Farmers Take Extra Care When the Cold Rolls In


Wheeling News-Register

It’s all about the cows for three Ohio County beef farmers, who work hard caring for their cattle throughout the sometimes bitterly cold winter months.

"You’re right out there among your cows this time a year … there is a good bit of management that goes into taking care of cattle, they’re not just cows out on a hillside," said local farmer John Miller, who is the Ohio County extension agent of agriculture and natural resources for West Virginia University.

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Keeping out cattle crooks

Keeping out cattle crooks

Jeanne Williams

Temple Daily Telegram

Brand livestock. Register brands with the county clerk’s office. Lock gates, doors and equipment. Keep hay supplies and equipment away from the road. Be a good neighbor.

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Livestock Copes Well With Cold, Experts Say

Livestock Copes Well With Cold, Experts Say


The Greeneville Sun

Some knowledgeable advice on how livestock cope with the cold was provided in interviews Wednesday with several local agricultural and veterinary experts.

Greene County Extension Agent Milton Orr said Wednesday that farm animals are accustomed to being outdoors in cold weather, and generally do well if their need for water and food is met.

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Demand drives cattle outlook for 2010

Demand drives cattle outlook for 2010

Cindy Snyder

Ag Weekly

The $64,000 question facing both beef and dairy cattle producers in 2010 is ‘when will demand improve?’ Many analysts expect to see demand continue to slump in the first half of 2010 after receiving a bit of bounce through the holidays. Consumers ate more at home in 2009. If that trend continues, retailers and manufacturers may have to change how they market items.

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Wisconsin cattle-feeding workshops

Wisconsin cattle-feeding workshops


University of Wisconsin-Extension will be conducting Cattle Feeders workshops at 11 locations across the state during February. The program provides information regarding finishing and backgrounding cattle, which applies to both beef and Holstein feeders.

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Frigid air tough on farmers, herds

Frigid air tough on farmers, herds

Katelyn Polantz

Exceptionally cold temperatures have added time to farmers’ workdays with chores such as breaking ice so livestock can drink water.

On the beaches of Fort Myers, Fla., cold cows were on Chuck Shorter’s mind.

The 59-year-old Montgomery County farmer vacationed with his wife in the first two weeks of January while longtime friend Matt Harris managed his farm.

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