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Tips To Protect Your Cattle And Property

Tips To Protect Your Cattle And Property

Robert Wells and Clay Wright, Noble Foundation

Southern Livestock Standard

Cattle rustling can conjure up different thoughts depending on who you are. Some imagine a scene from an old western where bandana-wearing cowboys gather up a herd of cows and drive them to a distant and secret location. Others might think this is something from the past and doesn’t happen now. Unfortunately, cattle rustling is still a serious issue.

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The Far-Reaching Effects of Fetal Programming

The Far-Reaching Effects of Fetal Programming

Troy Smith

Hereford World

When cow herd managers ponder nutrition programs, a primary concern is the fueling of optimum reproduction. Cow-savvy managers know that quantity and quality of feed sources influence the cow’s ability to breed in timely fashion, and deliver a healthy, vigorous calf. Producing that annual coupon is really tough when cow nutrition isn’t up to snuff.

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ISU Research Looks To Increase DDGS In Cattle Diets

ISU Research Looks To Increase DDGS In Cattle Diets


Iowa State University researchers are working to safely increase feed use by cattle and poultry producers of a co-product made during ethanol production. The co-product, DDGS, is rich in protein, oil and fiber.

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Dealing With Moldy Hay

Dealing With Moldy Hay

Bovine Veterinarian

The conditions during harvest of this year’s corn crop brought a sharp reminder of the potential issues – and even hazards – surrounding moldy feed grain. Strategies for dealing with reduced feed value and mycotoxins are hot topics right now for producers and nutritionists. But grain farmers haven’t been the only ones impacted by challenging weather; there are plenty of producers who need answers to the specific question: What about moldy hay?

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Tennessee Livestock Producers Honored with Innovator Award

Tennessee Livestock Producers Honored with Innovator Award

American Hereford Association

Tennessee Livestock Producers (TLP), Columbia, Tenn., was honored as with an Hereford Industry Innovator Award by the American Hereford Association (AHA) Jan. 14. Darrell Ailshe, TLP general manager, was presented the award during a ceremony at the National Western in Denver. TLP was chosen for this award because of the organization’s commitment to increasing the value of Hereford feeder calves through the Tennessee Hereford Marketing Program (THMP).

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Looking for beef cows that make more money

Looking for beef cows that make more money

Bill Brewster

Tri State Livestock News

Dr. John Paterson, MSU’s beef extension specialist, provided the latest information about ways for producers to make their cowherds more efficient during the annual educational meeting of the Gallatin Beef Producers.

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Web Resource for Managing Livestock Financial Issues

Web Resource for Managing Livestock Financial Issues

Willy Klein at Iowa State University

Beef Today

At a time when livestock producers continue to grapple with the tough economy, Iowa State University Extension wants to make it easier for producers to find ISU educational resources they need.

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Purdue Panel Discussion to Examine Future Agricultural Research

Purdue Panel Discussion to Examine Future Agricultural Research

Hoosier AG Today

  Genetics and sustainable technologies research, and the future it promises for agriculture, will be the topic of a Feb. 6 panel discussion prior to the Purdue University Agricultural Alumni Fish Fry. "From the Lab to the Field: Purpose-Driven Agricultural Research" takes place at 9:30 a.m. in the Grand Hall at the Indiana State Fairgrounds in Indianapolis. The annual Ag Forecast program is free and open to the public.

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Kephart elected president of Kentucky Cattlemen’s Association

Kephart elected president of Kentucky Cattlemen’s Association

Business First of Louisville

The Kentucky Cattlemen’s Association has elected Corinne Kephart as its new president, the first woman to hold the job.

“It is such an honor to be the president of the Kentucky Cattlemen’s Association,” Kephart said in a news release. “I look forward to the year ahead working with the membership and staff to support this amazing organization and amazing history.”

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Weather Stress in Cattle

Weather Stress in Cattle


This information seems to be pertinent to recent weather changes and the time of year.

A meeting (back in Jan 1987) in Denver brought forth some interesting facts that need to be shared regarding weather stress, what it does, and how to manage it.

Heat stress affects ADG in an exponential manner. Cold stress affects conversions in a linear manner.

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The Effects of Cold Stress on Cattle

The Effects of Cold Stress on Cattle

West Virginia University

When temperatures begin to drop into the single digits, farmers should stop to think about the effect that severe cold weather will have on herd health. The bovine can be very tolerant of cold temperatures. The cow that has a good winter coat, adequate body condition, and readily available feed and water can withstand cold extremes that would be fatal to a human.

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Cold Stress on Trucked Cattle

Cold Stress on Trucked Cattle

Ontario Ministry of Agriculture

"Death losses in cattle are often greatest when the temperatures are near freezing and either rain or freezing rain blows into a truck," reports Dr. Temple Grandin, a renowned livestock handling expert from Colorado State University.

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Neb. rancher found guilty of 145 counts of cruelty

Neb. rancher found guilty of 145 counts of cruelty

Sioux City Journal

A former western Nebraska ranch owner has been found guilty of 145 counts of animal cruelty.

A Morrill County District Court jury deliberated more than five hours on Friday before finding Jason Meduna guilty of 145 of 149 felony charges.

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Interval Feeding of Supplements For Growing Replacement Heifers

Interval Feeding of Supplements For Growing Replacement Heifers

Dairy Herd Management

Interval feeding of supplements has been shown to be an efficient method of feeding supplements to adult beef cows. Less is known about the use of “every other day feeding” for growing weaned replacement heifers. The objective of this University of Florida study was to examine the effects of daily versus three day/week supplementation on growth, age at puberty, estrous synchronization response, and pregnancy rates of yearling Brangus and Angus heifers consuming bermudagrass (12.9% crude protein) round bale silage.

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Cattlemen’s College Brings Focus on Consumer to NCBA Convention

Cattlemen’s College Brings Focus on Consumer to NCBA Convention

Cattle Today

Daily chores get most of your time and attention. That’s what pays the bills, but the state of the industry lies in the bigger picture.

Later this month farmers and ranchers from across the United States will have a chance to look beyond their operations to those macro issues.

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