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Purdue Provost Set To Become NC State Chancellor

Purdue Provost Set To Become NC State Chancellor


The president of the University of North Carolina system is set to nominate the provost of Purdue University to become the next chancellor at North Carolina State University. (Woodson was previously Dean of Agriculture at Purdue).

WRAL-TV reported Thursday that UNC president Erskine Bowles was to present William "Randy" Woodson to a committee of the UNC Board of Governors.

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New Cattle Raisers Museum Will Help Thousands Discover Ranching

New Cattle Raisers Museum Will Help Thousands Discover Ranching

The Cattleman

Rainfall seemed to have little effect on the crowd filling the entry of the new Fort Worth Museum of Science and History the morning of Friday, Nov. 20.

Fort Worth and area dignitaries and several hundred visitors crowded into the new building, along with the TCU marching band, to witness the ribbon cutting of this newest addition to Fort Worth’s cultural district.

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Red Angus Brain Trust targets profit-driven selection

Red Angus Brain Trust targets profit-driven selection

The Cattle Business Weekly

The National Western Stock Show in Denver, Colo., is more than just an avenue for Red Angus breeders to exhibit their top livestock. It is also a gathering point for producers to learn about the future of genetic selection and offer their input at the annual Red Angus Association of America’s (RAAA) Brain Trust meeting.

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Antibiotics and Livestock Feed, Again

Antibiotics and Livestock Feed, Again


For several decades, concerns about potential harm to humans from the widespread use of antibiotics in livestock feed has been bubbling just below the surface in the United States and other developed countries. Now the Associated Press has released a report from a six-month study that highlights a number of serious concerns, and a new urgency which could have widespread implications for agriculture.

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Hypothermia and Frostbite of calves

Hypothermia and Frostbite of calves

Dr. Charles L. Stoltenow, NDSU Extension Veterinarian

Hypothermia is a profound drop in body temperature. Animals less than 48 hours old or animals with a pre-existing condition or disease are at the greatest risk for developing hypothermia. Newborns are often hypoglycemic (low energy reserves) and have electrolyte imbalances. Animals with pre-existing conditions (pneumonia, old age) have impaired body reserves and may succumb more readily to very cold and windy conditions.

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Ag Students Bring Agriculture to Life

Ag Students Bring Agriculture to Life


University of Missouri students have won the second annual video contest sponsored by Alpharma.

Students from the University of Missouri captured the most votes in the second annual Reach Teach Learn Student Video Contest that wrapped up last week. Teams from Sam Houston State University and Oklahoma State University placed second and third, respectively.

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Beef sire selection and management seminars set for WIU

Beef sire selection and management seminars set for WIU

Review Atlas

Cow-calf producers in Illinois will have the opportunity to attend one of two different seminars on beef sire selection and management.

The seminars will take place on Thursday, Jan. 28 starting at 9 a.m. at Black Hawk East College Campus in Kewanee (intersection of IL Rts 34 and 78), and, also on Thursday, Jan. 28, starting at 4 p.m. at Western Illinois University Livestock Center ing Macomb (one mile west of IL 67 on Tower Road).

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Getting to know the livestock

Getting to know the livestock

Jenna Smith

The Brazil Times

I have always associated the New Year with the arrival of newborn calves, foals, lambs and piglets, even though they don’t always arrive in January.

However, in January (and before breeding season starts), it is important to get to know your livestock.

When I say "get to know your livestock," I don’t mean know their name, breed, etc., but know their body. More specifically, know their body condition score (BCS).

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Advantages of Eating Grassfed Beef

Advantages of Eating Grassfed Beef

Gina Ashton

Associated Content

Humans have consumed grassfed beef for most of human history. Grassfed beef means that cattle have been raised and finished on a pastured diet of grass and plants. Grassfed beef is completely different in composition from the vast majority of factory-produced beef consumed in the U.S., which did not come into existence until after World War II.

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BeefTalk: Have You Ever Considered a Replacement Heifer Enterprise?

BeefTalk: Have You Ever Considered a Replacement Heifer Enterprise?

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

 “Those are some great heifers,” the Dickinson Research Extension Center’s ranch manager exclaimed while sorting the bred, home-raised heifers that were headed for the local sale barn.

The feeling that these heifers were too good to sell is a good feeling because it reflects positively on a successful bred heifer program. The heifers were all pregnant, well-grown and ready to start their careers as mother cows.

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Tough times put tender beef on sale

Tough times put tender beef on sale

Joe Bonwich

Philadelphia Inquirer

For steak lovers, it’s like stumbling on a hidden treasure. You’re in a warehouse club, and there, at the far end of the meat selection, is a stash of beef labeled USDA Prime.

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‘The Beef Story’

‘The Beef Story’

The Gilmer Mirror

In efforts to continue proactive outreach, the Texas Beef Council (TBC) teamed up with the Texas Farm Bureau to develop a video utilizing beef farmers and ranchers to tell the beef production story. The goal of the video is to educate consumers about the beef industry in order to dispel myths about modern beef production practices related specifically to animal welfare, the environment, nutrition and food safety.

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Instructions Cattlemen Can Use

Instructions Cattlemen Can Use

Laura Nelson

Angus Journal

It’s no wonder they’re often the first things to be tossed when opening a new gadget.

Instruction manuals these days are written in a dozen languages and folded like origami — they can make pressing the “on” button into a five-step process, but leave out some other basics.

With that said, Oakdale, Calif., rancher Dale Jackson was pleasantly surprised when he picked up a copy of the Best Practices Manual (BPM), a guide to targeting the Certified Angus Beef® (CAB®) brand for cow-calf producers.

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Beef terminology

Beef terminology

Detroit Free Press

American Kobe: Beef produced in America from hybrids of the Wagyu breed, which is the source of Japan’s Kobe beef. American Kobe producers claim that their beef can have more than 10 times the marbling required for the USDA Prime grade.

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The Ted Turner Of Rural TV

The Ted Turner Of Rural TV

Dirk Smillie


Give Patrick Gottsch credit for candor in building his 24-hour cable television network for rural America. "I’ve never had an original idea in my life. We’ve stolen all of our concepts from urban media," he laughs, standing on the deck of a sailboat off the coast of Maui in January.

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