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Stenholm sees further ag program cuts

Stenholm sees further ag program cuts

Chris Clayton

Tri State Livestock news

Farmers should begin preparing for further cuts in farm programs because of the growing federal budget deficits, a former congressman told members of the American Farm Bureau Federation on Monday.

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Environmental Movement Challenging for Producers

Environmental Movement Challenging for Producers

Stephen B. Blezinger, Ph.D., PAS

Part 2

In the last issue we began a discussion and review of all the climate change hoopla that has overtaken our country and in fact the world. The European Foundation, an international think tank comprised of European scientists and politicians, published a list of 100 reasons why climate change is natural and not man-made. The term you will see in much of the media, their new buzz word, is “anthropogenic,” which simply means man-made.

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Calf Scours, Causative Agents of Calfhood Diarrhea

Calf Scours, Causative Agents of Calfhood Diarrhea

Rob Costello


Scours — What is it? Calf scours is a broad, descriptive term referring to diarrhea in calves. Calf scours is not a specific disease with a specific cause, but is actually a clinical sign of a disease complex with many possible causes.

Scours occur when normal movement of water into and out of the digestive tract is disrupted, resulting in water loss and dehydration. Loss of body fluids through diarrhea is accompanied by loss of body salts.

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Culling Cows

Culling Cows

Andy Vance

NCBA Young Producers Blog

We sent some cows to town last week.  That’s the phrase we always used when it came time to cull cows growing up: it was time for those cows to "go to town." Unlike when the proverbial cows come home, these cows won’t be returning to production for one reason or another.

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Spencer beef producer honored for cattle care

Spencer beef producer honored for cattle care

The DesMoines Register

Morris Larson of Spencer Livestock Sales in Spencer was named the 2010 Iowa Beef Quality Assurance Award winner for his focus on animal care practices.

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Best steps to preventing and treating foot rot

Best steps to preventing and treating foot rot


Farm & Ranch Guide

While foot rot in cattle is not typically a fatal disease, it can really hit producer’s pocket books, said Connie Larson, research nutritionist at Zinpro Corporation in Eden Prairie, Minn.

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The Future of Agricultural Education

The Future of Agricultural Education

Gary DiGiuseppe

American Cattleman

There are many things a young, aspiring cattle producer can learn through higher education. But the most important of those may be how to learn. “A lot of people may say, ‘Well, they need to know A.I., and they need to know nutrition’,” says John Lawrence, Iowa State University professor of agricultural economics and director of the school’s Beef Center. “But the bottom line is, they need to be able to evaluate the information.”

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