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Senate Bill Takes Another Swipe At Animal Antibiotics

Senate Bill Takes Another Swipe At Animal Antibiotics

Hoosier AG Today

  A re-introduced Senate bill seeking to limit use of antibiotics in food animal feed and a USDA report summarizing dozens of reports that claim a link between overuse of antibiotics and accelerated antibiotic resistance in humans has given critics fresh momentum in the ongoing debate.

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Beyond good looks

Beyond good looks

Steve Suther

Black Ink

Records should confirm those mature-weight guesses and, factoring in average weaning weights, point out the most and least efficient cows. Ear tag numbers should convey age at a glance, and the oldest cows have made us the most money. That’s unless, again, we manage as if money is not important and let them stay regardless of whether they wean a calf each year.

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Raising Grass-fed beef meets aerospace tech manufacturing in rural Illinois

Raising Grass-fed beef meets aerospace tech manufacturing in rural Illinois

Mark Bennett

The Tribune-Star

The cattle munching on the tall, lush grass of this 500-acre farm possess no aerodynamic features.

Still, the bovine animals play a significant — yet separate — role in a unique, small business that is well known to NASA and other segments of the aerospace industry.

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Bovine Respiratory Disease: Multi-institutional project underway to reduce BRD in cattle

Bovine Respiratory Disease: Multi-institutional project underway to reduce BRD in cattle

Bill Brewster

Tri State Livestock News

A multi-institutional project is underway to develop cost-effective genomic and management approaches to reduce bovine respiratory disease (BRD) in beef and dairy cattle, according to information presented at the 2011 Beef Improvement Federation (BIF) 43rd Annual Research Symposium and Annual Meeting.

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Steer Clear Of Foot Rot

Steer Clear Of Foot Rot

Dr. Ken McMillan


Drought conditions can set the stage for foot rot, especially as wet and muddy conditions set in later in the season.

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Are you a Red Angus GridMaster? Submit carcass data now

Are you a Red Angus GridMaster? Submit carcass data now

Myron Edelman

The Fence Post

Spring and early summer is harvest season for a majority of the nation’s fed cattle, and cattlemen and feeders are now reflecting on the carcass data from this year’s crop. Producers who utilize the Red Angus Feeder Calf Certification Program (FCCP) tag may submit their carcass data to be considered for the distinguished GridMaster award.

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Look at Farming in 2020

Look at Farming in 2020


A look into the ten-year crystal ball by one agriculture economist shows large acreage crop farmers with even larger operations in 2020. Purdue University’s Mike Boehlje will present a variety of predictions at the upcoming Indiana Certified Crop Advisor Conference.

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Next Few Months Critical in Beef Operations

Next Few Months Critical in Beef Operations


The next several months are crucial in securing potential profits in a majority of beef operations throughout the U.S.

“The No. 1 indicator of potential profits is the birth of a live calf, and to have a live calf next year, the cows need to become pregnant,” says Carl Dahlen, North Dakota State University Extension Service beef cattle specialist.

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Does 4-H create cold-blooded killers?

Does 4-H create cold-blooded killers?

Greg Henderson

Bovine Veterinarian

You know there’s disconnect between rural and urban folks when the local 4-H kids come under fire as desensitized to the suffering of animals. Agriculture may believe 4-H, FFA and the Boy Scouts are wholesome efforts to educate our children, but there’s apparently more than a few misguided souls who think otherwise.

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NDSU dedicates beef research center

NDSU dedicates beef research center


"The facility will allow NDSU to accomplish the vast array of research needed to meet the challenges of 21st century beef cattle production," says D.C. Coston, NDSU vice president for Agriculture and University Extension

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