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Proper hay storage vital to protecting feed quality

Proper hay storage vital to protecting feed quality

AG Answers

After a wet spring and delayed hay harvest, a Purdue Extension beef specialist says it is vitally important for beef producers to store hay properly to reduce nutrient loss.

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Troy Smith

Angus Journal

Don’t you sometimes wonder about ringworm? Well, maybe you don’t lie awake at night thinking about things that cause ugly lesions on cattle.

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Grazing and Stocking Density

Grazing and Stocking Density

Randy Kuhn

Beef Today

From time to time, I have the opportunity to attend grazing field days at neighboring farms or grazing conferences put on by Penn State or Cornell University .  And when it comes to the "round-table" or "open forum" time of the get together, I hear statements like "My Dad used to graze 100 cows on this pasture all season and now I run out after four months with only 90 cows. What’s wrong with my pasture?" 

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More Pounds, More Heat Tolerance

More Pounds, More Heat Tolerance

Victoria G. Myers

Progressive Farmer

Take 90°F, add in about 98% humidity, and when you start to feel like you’re wading through the day you begin to see what cattlemen like Darrel Haynes deal with all summer long.

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High court to rule on meat law

High court to rule on meat law

Neil Nisperos

Inland Valley Daily Bulletin

The U.S. Supreme Court in October will weigh in on the fight between the meat industry and farm animal advocates over a California law barring animals that are unable to walk from entering the meat supply.

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Trotter retires from Purdue Extension after 33 years

Trotter retires from Purdue Extension after 33 years


News and Tribune

After 33 years as an educator and Director of Purdue University’s Cooperative Extension Service in Clark County, David Trotter is retiring.

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Oklahoma cattle sales increasing due to drought

Oklahoma cattle sales increasing due to drought

Joplin Globe

Nearly 13,000 head of cattle were sold at the Oklahoma National Stockyards this week, an increase of more than 50 percent over the 8,000 head normally sold at this time of year, according to the Oklahoma National Stockyards.

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Livestock Producer Focuses on GIPSA Rule at Ag Hearing

Livestock Producer Focuses on GIPSA Rule at Ag Hearing


Testifying before the Senate Ag Committee Tuesday – Kansas Livestock Association President-Elect Frank Harper explained that free trade – even with its imperfections – is relatively more equitable than regulated and subsidized markets.

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Floods Damaging Montana Hayfields and Forage Harvest

Floods Damaging Montana Hayfields and Forage Harvest

Beef Cattle News

With persistent flooding threatening the successful harvest of forage crops in his state, Montana Congressman Denny Rehberg recently sent a letter to Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack asking USDA to open Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) lands for haying and grazing.

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Cattle folks watch stover ethanol warily

Cattle folks watch stover ethanol warily

Dan Piller

Des Moines Register

The cattle industry long ago jumped off the ethanol bandwagon, blaming ethanol for spikes in corn prices in 2008 and then in the last 12 months that cattle feeders say have caused them to spend most of the last four years  in the red.

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