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Cattle, Corn and Co-Products — Feeding Cattle in Nebraska

Cattle in feedlots are not just fed grain, but roughage (form of grass hay) too. The grain, often called a concentrate, is any feed that is under 20% in crude fiber and over 60% total digestible nutrients (TDN), the opposite of roughage which is over 20% crude fiber and under 60% TDN. Concentrates and roughages are mixed together to create a balanced ration to meet an animal’s nutritional needs and also their energy needs, based on their use.



There is more than one definition for pasture roping, as Carter pointed out to me.  It was during calving season.

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Ready for rope burns and branding season

Ready for rope burns and branding season

Kim Brackett 

Progressive Cattlemen

After months of preparation and weeks of anticipation, the opening day of branding season is nearly here. My kids have been counting down the days and the subject of branding monopolizes our conversations.

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A technological leap forward to old-time farming

A technological leap forward to old-time farming

The Wall Street Journal

Peter McDonald assigns his 9-year-old twin boys the tricky task of erecting a mesh fence in one part of the family farm, then tramps across lushly carpeted fields for a daily evaluation of his grass-chomping cows and sheep.

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Cow camp for youth in Reagan a success

Cow camp for youth in Reagan a success

The Marlin Democrat

Tusa Show Cattle in Reagan hosted its third annual summer camps this month, educating youngsters in showmanship techniques for beef cattle.

Camps are held in early June for children to attend. Day camps as well as an overnight camp are offered. The camps focus heavily on all aspects of showmanship. It has formal and informal education encompassing leadership and ethics, feeding and grooming, health and hoof care plus more.

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Montana ranches & beef industry facilities featured during BIF tour

Montana ranches & beef industry facilities featured during BIF tour

Bill Brewster

Tri State Livestock News

Beef cattle producers and industry leaders from across the world toured several highly regarded seedstock ranches on June 5 along with stops at a state-of-the-art performance testing feedlot and a leading custom collection facility.

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Extension cuts do not violate federal law

Extension cuts do not violate federal law

The Cattle Business Weekly

South Dakota Attorney General Marty Jackley says cuts to South Dakota’s Cooperative Extension Service do not violate federal law. Several state lawmakers asked for the opinion, saying the cuts made by the Legislature this year to deal with a budget deficit might violate the mission of the state university system under federal law.

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Kniebel receives Wallace Memorial Scholarship

Kniebel receives Wallace Memorial Scholarship

Progressive Cattleman

Cassandra “Cassie” Kniebel of White City, Kansas, received the prestigious Roy A. Wallace Memorial Scholarship during the Beef Improvement Federation (BIF) research seminar and annual meeting in Bozeman, Montana, June 1-5.

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Cows getting watermelons to help with heat

Cows getting watermelons to help with heat


The drought and heat are leading to drastic measures in the livestock industry. Some south Georgia cattle producers are selling their herds, because they can’t afford to feed them.

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72nd Minnesota Nutrition Conference

72nd Minnesota Nutrition Conference

The Minnesota Nutrition Conference provides a forum for feed industry professionals to update their knowledge of beef, dairy, poultry, swine and equine nutrition. Speakers from throughout North America bring the latest concepts in livestock feeding to the upper Midwest. Conference highlights include University of Minnesota Research Updates, and sessions on Ruminant and Non-ruminant nutrition as well as a session on Equine nutrition.

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