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Steer Clear Of Foot Rot

Steer Clear Of Foot Rot

Dr. Ken McMillan


Drought conditions can set the stage for foot rot, especially as wet and muddy conditions set in later in the season.

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Low Hay Quality when Harvest is Delayed

Low Hay Quality when Harvest is Delayed

Steve Barnhart, Extension Forage Specialist, Iowa State University

The Hay Quality Survey conducted by Iowa State University Extension staff and the Iowa Beef Center last fall and winter revealed what most people suspected: the cumulative effects of the delayed and wet hay harvest season took a toll on forage quality.

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Managing Cattle In a Drought

Managing Cattle In a Drought

Robert Fears

Cattle Management

Parts of many countries are currently under drought including Canada, China, Mexico, United Kingdom, the United States and others. These continued droughts make it tough for cow/calf producers to survive financially; however there are management techniques that might help.

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Reproductive efficiency

Reproductive efficiency

Dave Barz, DVM

Tri State Livestock News

What a strange spring: rain, cold, floods, and of course, wind! It’s hard to believe that the first day of summer is just around the corner. This is the official start to the breeding season for most cow-calf producers in the area. Granted, many producers breed some heifers early, but most of the cows are bred after mid-June.

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On-Demand Webinar for Drug Residue Avoidance

On-Demand Webinar for Drug Residue Avoidance

Beef Today

The 58-minute webinar features: Mike Lormore, director of U.S. Dairy Operations for Pfizer Animal Health; Jennifer Garrett, a farmer and nutritionist; Greg Jans, a Minnesota dairy producer, and Jim Misna, a veterinarian and Wisconsin dairy producer.

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Pre-Grass Stocker Management Important

Pre-Grass Stocker Management Important

Laura Nelson

Cattle Today

Part 2 of 3

Cattle health matters at every segment, but it could be the single biggest profit determinant for the stocker phase.

Mitch Blanding, senior veterinarian with Pfizer Animal Health, and rancher Mike Collinge shared tips for managing health at last month’s “Backgrounding for Quality” field day on the ranch near Hamilton, Kan.

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Cattle feedlot numbers set to drop sharply as producer losses widen

Cattle feedlot numbers set to drop sharply as producer losses widen

Bruce Blythe


The number of cattle sent to feedlots for fattening is poised to drop sharply in coming months because of widening beef producer losses and smaller supplies of young animals from drought-affected areas of the Southern U.S. Plains, livestock analyst Ryan Turner said.

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The Herd Quitter

The Herd Quitter

Mark Parker

Kit Pharo bucks convention by focusing on profits over pounds and keeping cattle in sync with their environment.

If the lead cow gets it in her head to go over a cliff, chances are she’s going to have the whole bunch at her heels. That herd mentality, says Kit Pharo, has no place at Pharo Cattle Company.

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Cattle producers endorse assessment

Cattle producers endorse assessment


Louisiana beef producers have voted to continue a 50-cents-per-head assessment on all cattle marketed in Louisiana for the next five years, LSU Agricultural officials said.

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Angus group marks 55th year in St. Joseph

Angus group marks 55th year in St. Joseph


The American Angus Association doesn’t produce pedigree certificates the same way as it did in 1956.

Technology has obviously evolved into new realms since then, streamlining animal pedigrees and many other documents. The marvels of 21st century computerization supplanted the cramped and painstaking conditions that once existed at the national headquarters at 3201 Frederick Ave.

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