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NCBA: Regulatory train wreck threatens rural America

NCBA: Regulatory train wreck threatens rural America


The Obama administration on June 9, 2011, announced the creation of a White House Rural Council to address rural economic potentials as well as challenges. In his executive order, President Barack Obama said the council was established “to make sure we’re working across government to strengthen rural communities and promote economic growth.”

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Starting cattle — A critical step

Starting cattle — A critical step

Dr. James I. Sprague

Feedlot Magazine

Feedlot operators work hard at giving new cattle a chance to get rested and acclimated to the mysterious surroundings of the new pen and pens mates. Part of this process includes offering a starting ration that must not only be nutritious, but safe from digestive upsets such as acidosis. This “first ration” must also be very palatable for a fast start.

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BeefTalk: Bulls Furloughed Until Mid-August

BeefTalk: Bulls Furloughed Until Mid-August

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

Plans change. However, with change comes the need to tweak them as they are implemented.

It was not that long ago (early April) that the Dickinson Research Extension Center decided to furlough the bulls for a month. As the breeding plans were being finalized and additional discussions were held, the bull turnout dates were set for mid-August. The change pulls the center’s calving date further from the grips of winter and closer to the warmth of summer.

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KSU vets to host conference

KSU vets to host conference


The fifth annual Kansas State Beef conference is coming in August.

Kansas State veterinarian Larry Hollis says that the Beef industry is undergoing a volatile period, and information on new techniques and coping methods will be the focus for the conference in August.

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Arkansas implements trichomoniasis testing at salebarns

Arkansas implements trichomoniasis testing at salebarns

The Daily Times

Arkansas livestock officials are implementing a new testing program to prevent an epidemic of a sexually transmitted disease in bulls that could threaten the state’s $1.4 billion cattle industry.

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Watch cattle for heat stress

Watch cattle for heat stress

Melissa Beck

Creative Loafing

With so many patriotic and celebratory holidays in line, many Americans are preparing for, if not already engaging in, a popular American pastime: barbecuing. Steak and burgers, items commonly found on a grill, have been the catalysts for a recently launched beef campaign in Florida.

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New Nebraska Cattlemen Web Site

New Nebraska Cattlemen Web Site


Nebraska Cattlemen have a new web site! Go to http://www.nebraskacattlemen.org for a one-stop shop for everything you want to know about Nebraska Cattlemen and current issues affecting Nebraska’s cattle industry.

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Grass-Fed Beef Market Ready To Explode

Grass-Fed Beef Market Ready To Explode

Hay and Forage Grower

The market for natural and organic beef products, currently at $350 million annually, could grow to over $1 billion within the next five years, attendees at a recent grass-fed beef conference were told.

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Feedlot environmental management

Feedlot environmental management

Lauren Caggiano

Feedlot Magazine

More stringent and enforced government regulations call for keen oversight in following best practices for environment management, especially in the case of open feedlots. Open feedlots have the potential to degrade nearby water resources if not managed properly. Consequently, operators should follow guidelines used to minimize the feedlot impacts on soil, water, and air of the surrounding areas.

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A herd of cattlemen: FCA convention brings the ‘real Florida’ to Marco Island

A herd of cattlemen: FCA convention brings the ‘real Florida’ to Marco Island

Lance Shearer

Naples News

You could tell the cattlemen were in town, even before you got to the lobby brimming with Stetsons, even before you looked down and took in the hand-tooled boots. The parking lot at the Marco Island Marriott Beach Resort & Spa was full of dusty but expensive pickup trucks, most of them carefully backed in, wearing the Florida Beef Council front license tag urging motorists to “enjoy more beef.”

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