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I’m sitting here reading the newspaper about farms in Missouri and Louisiana being deliberately flooded to prevent inundation of towns on the Mississippi River.

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Keeping Cattle Calm Key to Productivity

Keeping Cattle Calm Key to Productivity

Penny Miller

Cattle Management

Working cattle during the summer isn’t ideal due to the additional stress the heat causes for people and cattle, but sometimes it still needs to be done.

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Preparing youth for this year’s show season

Preparing youth for this year’s show season

Sara Thissen

The Cattle Business Weekly

Schools are on summer recess and youth of all ages are participating in various activities. For some agricultural kids, they will be spending their summer hours in the barn rinsing, grooming, feeding and caring for their show animals.

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Flooding Increases Mosquitos and the Chance for Illness

Flooding Increases Mosquitos and the Chance for Illness

Keri Lewis, MSU Ag Communications

Cattle Today

Mississippi State – When floodwaters recede, Mississippians in affected areas should take steps to reduce exposure to mosquitoes and the diseases they may carry.

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Budget measure prevents GIPSA rule implementation

Budget measure prevents GIPSA rule implementation

Rick Jordahl


The House Appropriations Committee Tuesday voted to approve legislation that funds USDA and other agencies for fiscal year 2012 but denies money for USDA’s Grain Inspection, Packers and Stockyards Administration (GIPSA) to advance and finalize a proposed rule covering livestock and poultry marketing.

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Working with your veterinarian

Working with your veterinarian

Dave Sparks DVM, Oklahoma State University


When I do programs on herd health topics for cattle producers, I always encourage them to develop a good working relationship with a local veterinarian. A frequent response is “the vet here won’t come out nights or weekends when I have a problem.”

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Beef and Trade Create Job-Growing Team

Beef and Trade Create Job-Growing Team


Texas Representative Kevin Brady wants people to have real conversations about the impact of international trade on the American cattle industry – as this week is World Trade Week and this month is American Beef Month.

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Alfalfa Vs. Corn Silage

Alfalfa Vs. Corn Silage

Fae Holin

Hay and Forage Grower

Alfalfa was considered the dairy forage of choice when Mike Hutjens was growing up on a dairy near Green Bay, WI, in the 1950s.

“Corn silage was not seen as a very useful crop other than maybe for steers,” remembers the dairy nutritionist.

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BIF Conference Coverage Online

BIF Conference Coverage Online

Katie Gazda

Angus Productions

Angus Productions Inc. (API) will be providing online coverage of the 2011 Beef Improvement Federation (BIF) Research Symposium and Annual Meeting June 1-4 in Bozeman, Mont.

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Demand is the Focus of the Beef Checkoff

Demand is the Focus of the Beef Checkoff


The Beef Checkoff has not been the topic of positive conversation lately. Accusations of fund misuse, deception by officers and staff and other negatives have carried the weight, if not the total, of most discussions.

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