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Ultrasound: Its What’s Inside That Counts

Ultrasound: Its Whats Inside That Counts – Featuring Art Brownlee, Owner JHL Ranch

Baxter Black, DVM: RODEO PHOTO

Baxter Black, DVM:  RODEO PHOTO

The photograph is spread across two pages of the Rodeo Sports News.  In the upper right hand corner is written “Worth a Thousand Words.”

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Grass Tetany:  Three Hours Till Death

Grass Tetany:  Three Hours Till Death

Becky Mills


Grass tetany is one of those things that can hit when a producer least expects it—which is exactly what happened to Bobby Miller.

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Texas Still Has Its Rustlers, and Men in White Hats Chasing Them

Texas Still Has Its Rustlers, and Men in White Hats Chasing Them

Dan Barry

New York Times

Whoever was stealing cattle had to have some cowboy in him, the theory went. You could tell by the seamless way he could lure more than a dozen animals at a time out of their pens, onto his trailer and into the endless Texas night, like some Pied Piper of bovines.

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Can Johne’s Disease be eliminated from a herd?

Can Johne’s Disease be eliminated from a herd?

Phil Durst

Michigan State University Extension

The natural reaction of many to the presence of a transmissible disease, such as Johne’s Disease (JD), within the herd is to want to eliminate it completely. Many have done exactly that with mastitic diseases such as Staph. aureus or Strep. ag. Not only is there the positive feeling of accomplishment and thrill of victory, but there is a real benefit to eliminating a disease and not having to deal with it.

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More money in your pocket by managing risk

More money in your pocket by managing risk

Bethany Johnston

The Fence Post

The list is long for things that ranchers can’t control: cattle market, exports, feed prices, taxes on land. But what about the things they can?

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Cattlemen fear forage shortage this summer

Cattlemen fear forage shortage this summer

Jillian Clair

Delta Farm Press

With only 33 percent of the state receiving adequate rainfall, Alabama farmers are beginning to suffer as the hot summer months approach.

Most consider the affects drought has on crops, but the livestock industry is also alarmed at the scarcity of rain.

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Georgia Cattle Farmers Thin Herds

Georgia Cattle Farmers Thin Herds


GPB News

Georgia’s continuing drought is making it tough for farmers trying to plant and water their crops. The state’s beef producers are struggling as well.

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The 60 Bar Ranch

The 60 Bar Ranch


Gilette News Record

Movie stars and longhorn cattle; colorful bachelors and hard-riding bronc tamers – there’s always been something glamorous about Campbell County’s 110-year-old 60 Bar Ranch.

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Track beef from the store back to its source with your smartphone

Track beef from the store back to its source with your smartphone

Rosemary Parker

Kalamazoo Gazette

Byron Center Meats has provided a product so customers could trace things right back to the farm — all they had to do was look at the label to see the name of the farmer whose steer or lamb had been made into steaks and chops.

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