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Multi-paddock grazing superior to continuous grazing

Multi-paddock grazing superior to continuous grazing


A long-term study verifies multi-paddock grazing improves vegetation, soil health and animal production relative to continuous grazing in large-scale ranches, according to a Texas AgriLife Research scientist.

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Freeze syringe guns to retard pathogens

Freeze syringe guns to retard pathogens

Geni Wren

Bovine Veterinarian Magazine

At a Holstein feedlot in Atkinson, Neb., Kip Lukasiewicz, DVM, Ainsworth, Neb., encourages employees to keep syringe guns in the freezer in the treatment barn to help retard the growth of pathogens and molds between uses.

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Peterson Calls Ag Spending Bill Another Assault on Agriculture

Peterson Calls Ag Spending Bill Another Assault on Agriculture

Hoosier AG Today

House Ag Committee Ranking Member Collin Peterson was not one of the 217 members of Congress voting in favor of the ag appropriations measure Thursday.

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Big Country cattle industry suffering in drought

Big Country cattle industry suffering in drought

Loretta Fulton

Abilene Reporter News

As a cattleman and a feed store owner, Duane Farr is getting hit right and left.

"It’s bad on both sides," he said.

That’s because a prolonged drought is dealing a killing blow to ranchers, cattle auction owners, feed store owners, and anyone else attached to the industry.

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What is salmonellosis?

What is salmonellosis?

Indiana State Department of Health

Salmonellosis (sal-mun-nel-lo-sis) is a contagious disease caused by Salmonella bacteria, which are found in the intestines of many healthy animals, including poultry, farm animals (cattle, pigs, chicks, and ducklings) and domestic animals (dogs, cats, and birds), wild birds, reptiles, and amphibians.

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Drought hits North Texas ranchers’ herds

Drought hits North Texas ranchers’ herds

Jim Douglas

State agriculture officials say the drought has now cost the Texas department about $1.5 billion.

As hay stocks dwindle and water holes dry up, some cattle raisers have been forced to thin their herds.

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Ideal of the cowboy lives on in Kansas

Ideal of the cowboy lives on in Kansas


The Wichita Eagle

“The typical cowboy. . . . . . is a bad man to handle. Armed to the teeth, well mounted, and full of their favorite beverage, the cowboys will dash through the .æ.æ. principal streets of a town, yelling. . . . This they call ‘cleaning out a town.’ "

— Kansas newspaper, 1882

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When Apologies Make Things Worse

When Apologies Make Things Worse

Troy Marshall


The latest round of the checkoff fiasco reminds me of a vacation movie scene where the dad pulls over to the side of the road and announces to the kids fighting in the back seat that the car isn’t moving until everyone says they’re sorry.

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Beef Grazing School Set For Pennsylvania

Beef Grazing School Set For Pennsylvania

Hay and Forage Grower

Hands-on training focused on beef cattle grazing will take place June 24 and 25 in and around Carlisle, PA, during the Summer Grazing School.

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Corn processing method: Could it affect E. coli prevalence in cattle?

Corn processing method: Could it affect E. coli prevalence in cattle?

Devan Paulus

Farm and Ranch Guide

Corn is a staple in conventional beef cattle diets. It is fed whole or processed in a variety of ways, including steam flaked, dry rolled, and high moisture.

The method used to process corn is determined by animal type, geographical location, and economics.

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