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Hay Feeder Research — The Results

Hay Feeder Research — The Results

Lyndall Stout talks with OSU Extension beef specialist Dave Lalman about the results of recent research on hay feeders and what producers can do to save money through their hay feeding system.



ABC’s of DNA

ABC’s of DNA

Kim Watson Potts

Beef Today

Raising quality replacement heifers is Tim Haines’ bread and butter. For this Oklahoma rancher, having as much genetic information as possible for both himself and his customers is important

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Artificial Insemination Vs Natural Bull Service – Where are the Economic Benefits?

Artificial Insemination Vs Natural Bull Service – Where are the Economic Benefits?

Matthew I. Miller

Va Cooperative Extension

As the calendar turns to April driving down country roads the cows are eating through the fences, the calves are beginning to show their genetic merit, and the bulls are watching anxiously from their isolation pens for the gate to open and the breeding to commence.

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Rotation plan for cattle insecticide ear tags

Rotation plan for cattle insecticide ear tags

Brandon Sears

Richmond Register

Insecticide impregnated cattle ear tags have been a popular means of pasture fly (horn fly and face fly) control for over 20 years. The insecticide in them is transferred to the animal’s hair coat as it grooms and rubs.

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GIPSA answers coming this fall

GIPSA answers coming this fall

Larry Stalcup

Southwest Farm Press

It may be late fall before potential changes to the Grain Inspection Packers and Stockyard Administration (GIPSA) are made following extensive review of tens of thousands of public comments on the GIPSA proposals that angered many last year.

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Source of cow disease unknown

Source of cow disease unknown

Denise Freitag Burdette  

Dearborn County Register

Between 175 and 200 people attended a meeting held by the Indiana Board of Animal Health Monday, April 11, in St. Leon, to learn more about an investigation into beef cattle testing positive for bovine tuberculosis in northern Dearborn County.

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Consider Timed AI for Quicker Cowherd Improvements

Consider Timed AI for Quicker Cowherd Improvements

Beef Today

The goal of every breeding season is a bred heifer or cow. Estrous synchronization (ES) programs offer a good way to achieve a higher percentage of pregnant females with less labor and time spent on heat detection.

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Stockyards Icon Killed in Crash

Stockyards Icon Killed in Crash

Chris Van Horne


Randy Rostetter, a Fort Worth Stockyards icon, died after he was struck in a suspected drunken-driving crash Sunday. He was 57.

Rostetter was a fixture around the Stockyards for the last 20 years.

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Dangers of Bulls and Other Cattle

Dangers of Bulls and Other Cattle


Reports around the country each year in which longtime farmers or their employees are attacked and killed by bulls make it critical that you train your workers on the dangers of these animals, as well as on overall cattle handling safety. Stress to your workers that no bull should ever be considered safe, and that even the most gentle cow can inflict serious or fatal injury – whether intentional or not.

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Vaccinate Livestock Against Anthrax Now

Vaccinate Livestock Against Anthrax Now

North Dakota State University

 “Cattle should to be vaccinated before they’re turned out into the pasture,” says Charlie Stoltenow, North Dakota State University Extension Service veterinarian. “Producers will be working their cattle in the next several weeks, so this is the perfect time to get their livestock protected against this disease.”

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