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Lisa Jackson’s Day on The Farm

Lisa Jackson’s Day on The Farm

Gary Truitt

Hoosier AG Today

Jackson and her agency have been sharply criticized by farmers for their efforts to regulate many aspect of agriculture. While Jackson did not announce any policy changes at EPA she did indicate that the agency may be more sensitive to the needs of farmers and ranchers, “They key is communication. EPA has a specific mission but there is no need for us to do that in competition with agriculture.”

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Wheezing Calves

Wheezing Calves

Dr. Ken McMillan


Respiratory problems can be viral or bacterial. Getting a good diagnosis early is important.

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Cows that fail to clean

Cows that fail to clean

Kenny Barrett Jr., DVM, MS

Tri State Livestock News

A routine scene plays out regularly across the grasslands in cow-calf veterinary practices each and every spring.

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The scourge of the next great animal handling scandal

The scourge of the next great animal handling scandal

Chuck Jolley


The Facebook nation and twitterverse exploded with outrage when the E6 undercover video was released by Mercy for Animals. The outraged were a surprisingly diverse group ranging from dedicated animal activists to animal ag people.

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Quality Beef Begins with Quality Animal Care

Quality Beef Begins with Quality Animal Care

Ryan Goodman

Beef Today

If you have been following along with my posts, you’ll know we are in the middle of Spring Vaccinations. We are gathering each herd of cattle, administering vaccinations, and rotating each herd through pastures of fresh, green grass.

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Causes of Lameness

Causes of Lameness

Troy Smith

Angus Journal

Back in the day, when much of the power behind our transportation system was fueled by hay and oats, the phrase “No hoof, no horse” was understood by hostlers, teamsters and anyone else who savvied horses.

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UNL’s Block and Bridle Names Paul Engler Honoree

UNL’s Block and Bridle Names Paul Engler Honoree


Paul Engler, CEO of Cactus Feeders, the largest privately owned fed-cattle producer in the world, will be honored as the 77th member of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Block and Bridle Hall of Fame.

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Matching cattle to your environment

Matching cattle to your environment

Ken Olson

Tri State Livestock News

In my last contribution to this column, we discussed the increasing size of beef cows over the last few decades and the influence on nutrient requirements. I would like to continue that theme in today’s column.

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Drastic changes made at SDSU

Drastic changes made at SDSU

Codi Vallery-Mills

The Cattle Business Weekly

Tidal waves were sent through South Dakota State University last week as serious funding cuts were made to balance the university’s Fiscal Year 2012 budget in response to a 10 percent reduction in state appropriations, which amounted to $1.3 million for university proper.

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Veterinarian’s Response to Animal Abuse

Veterinarian’s Response to Animal Abuse


Please allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Kathy Swift and I grew up on a dairy farm in northern Virginia.  My parents milked 100 Holstein and Jersey cows and I spent many years in 4-H traveling around to county, state and national shows exhibiting my dairy cattle.  I chose to have a career in agriculture and in 1997, I received my Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree.

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