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10 diagnostics for a stocker calf practice

10 diagnostics for a stocker calf practice

Geni Wren

Bovine Veterinarian

Jessica Laurin, DVM, Animal Health Center of Marion Co. Inc., Marion, Kan., has many stocker/backgrounder clients in her area on the edge of the Kansas Flint Hills. Laurin is a fan of preventive and diagnostic medicine to head off problems.

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Breeding soundness exam: Cheapest insurance/assurance a producer can buy

Breeding soundness exam: Cheapest insurance/assurance a producer can buy

Allen Bridges

Farm and Ranch Guide

We all have insurance of some sort. We insure our trucks, homes, health, and if you are a farmer you can even buy insurance for your crops. Heck, some famous celebrities insure body parts.

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Keys to comprehensive parasite control in cattle

Keys to comprehensive parasite control in cattle

Maria Tussing

Tri State Livestock News

With the snow melting and pastures greening, producers’ thoughts turn to new life, fresh air, enjoying the outdoors and parasite control. While it may not fit with the idyllic concept of spring, having a plan for controlling the creepy-crawlies can contribute to a more idyllic figure in the pocketbook next fall.

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Low-Cost Fencing Ideas

Low-Cost Fencing Ideas

Dr. Ken McMillan


Any suggestions on ways to keep the costs down?

I have just completed a similar project on our farm. There was and still may be government assistance to help with both cross-fencing and watering systems. Check with your county agent for the most current information.

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Texas Case Proves Documentation Very Important

Texas Case Proves Documentation Very Important

 John Alan Cohan, Attorney at Law

Cattle Today

In an interesting Tax Court case, Texas residents Anthony and Florence Jorgenson failed to persuade the court that their activity was a trade or business engaged in for profit [TC Memo 2000-038]. The Jorgensons, both of whom are full time physicians, were audited in connection with their ranches, and then went to Tax Court.

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Cattle futures affected by gruesome video

Cattle futures affected by gruesome video

Christie Post


Mercy for Animals exposed hidden camera footage of blatant animal abuse at the E-6 Ranch Cattle Company. Since then, the Castro County Sheriff’s office has launched an animal cruelty investigation.

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Cattle Sales Go International

Cattle Sales Go International

Jeremiah McDaniel


This time of year is a popular time to sell cattle, but some farmers aren`t looking to sell them in state or even in the country.

Auctioneers are hard at work this time of year selling cattle, but some are skipping the local business and going international.

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Field peas are a developing feed source for cattle

Field peas are a developing feed source for cattle

Mark Watson

The Fence Post

There is a developing feed source for the cattle industry here in our region with the introduction of field peas as an alternative feed source for the livestock industry. The production of field peas across our region has come about as producers look for alternative crops to transition back to winter wheat in their crop rotations.

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NCBA Calls on EPA Administrator to Take Low Road

NCBA Calls on EPA Administrator to Take Low Road


The Environmental Protection Agency has released its final Policy Assessment for the Review of the Particulate Matter National Ambient Air Quality Standards. In the assessment, agency staffers determined that EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson would be justified in either keeping the current standard or tightening it to a level that would be essentially twice as stringent for much of rural America.

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Cattlemen taking advantage of online sales program

Cattlemen taking advantage of online sales program

Mississippi Business Journal

Cattle producers and buyers are finding a win-win method of marketing cattle in the Cattlemen’s Exchange and Homeplace Producer Sales.

Mississippi State University’s Extension Service is partnering with several organizations and sale barns to offer auctions in Winona and Hattiesburg for cattle that may never pass through either of those cities. Cattle remain on their home farms while buyers cast bids based on written descriptions of the cattle and video technology.

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