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Humane Handling

Humane Handling

Kindra Gordon

The Cattle Business Weekly

Defined as an animal that is unable to stand or walk unassisted, non-ambulatory or downer cattle have become a major animal welfare issue facing the livestock industry.

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Ranchers turn to yellow tag program to add profitability to calf crop

Ranchers turn to yellow tag program to add profitability to calf crop

Mikalena Randazzo

The Fence Post

Ranchers are taking advantage of value-added programs to increase the profitability of their calf crop, and more ranchers each year are enrolling their Red Angus-influenced calves in the Feeder Calf Certification Program (FCCP).

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Steve Cornett :  Should We Consider Steak a Byproduct?

Steve Cornett :  Should We Consider Steak a Byproduct?

Beef Today

Those of you who discount the value of beef exports should hush for a while. Exports will be more important than ever in the next few years, and the industry should do everything it can to keep them moving.

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BeefTalk: Mothers Always Mean Business

BeefTalk: Mothers Always Mean Business

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

Motherhood never can be taken away. The other day, the ranch crew was reminiscing about the recent calving season. Certain cows come to mind quickly as a certain degree of quickness was needed to survive the initial tagging and appraisal of the calf.

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Calculator May Help Determine Stocking Rates

Calculator May Help Determine Stocking Rates


Computerized calculations may soon help ranchers in the central Great Plains determine which cattle or sheep stocking rate scenarios are sustainable. The Great Plains Framework for Agricultural Resource Management Range computer model is the possible key to success.

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What Does Seasonality Mean This Year for Cattle Markets?

What Does Seasonality Mean This Year for Cattle Markets?

The Cheyenne Star

Historically, seasonal cattle price patterns have been one of the most reliable tendencies in cattle markets. This is particularly true in a stable market environment

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Meat industry divided by push to increase competition

Meat industry divided by push to increase competition

The Joplin Globe

Is more competition in business good or bad?

That question has raged through the meat industry since the federal government proposed regulations last year that could reshape the sector.

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Size helps Cargill compete

Size helps Cargill compete

Dan Voorhis

The Wichita Eagle

The giant Cargill Beef slaughter plant on the east edge of the city is a factory — in reverse. It takes 6,000 cattle a day and within a few hours divides the carcasses into hundreds of cuts of meat and byproducts.

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Goggins to Receive Saddle and Sirloin Honor

Goggins to Receive Saddle and Sirloin Honor

American Angus

Lifelong livestock marketer and Angus breeder Patrick K. Goggins has been named recipient of the 2011 Saddle and Sirloin Portrait Award. The award is among the livestock industry’s highest honors, bestowed on an individual person who has had a profound and lasting impact on American agriculture.

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Certified Training Enables Beef Producers To Document Animal Care

Certified Training Enables Beef Producers To Document Animal Care

Wes Ishmael


Twenty years ago, we just did our job, and that was enough. Today, people outside the industry want to know that we’re doing our job according to a standard,” says Clayton Huseman, executive director of the Kansas Livestock Association’s Feedlot Division.

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