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Selection for fertility — now and in the future

Selection for fertility — now and in the future

Dr. Bill Beal

Angus Journal

Fertility is the most economically important trait to a commercial beef producer. However, it is difficult to generate accurate breeding values for reproductive traits. The best tool for improving the genetics controlling reproduction is the use of expected progeny differences (EPDs) for heifer pregnancy rate.

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Autistic scientist talks of humane animal care

Autistic scientist talks of humane animal care


Chicago Sun Times

Julie Tracy was upset when an animal rights group last summer criticized her autistic son’s 4-H program. In particular, the group didn’t want to see the lambs and pig raised by the club auctioned off for likely slaughter after they were to be shown at the Lake County Fair.

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Know when to increase herd size

Know when to increase herd size

Eddie Baggs

Denton Record Chronicle

Cattle numbers are at their lowest since 1963. Combined with rising grain markets, this year could mean unprecedented cattle prices for ranchers.

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Beef Checkoff Program issues social responsibility report

Beef Checkoff Program issues social responsibility report

High Plains Journal

The Beef Checkoff Program is pleased to announce the release of "The Cattlemen’s Stewardship Review: Connecting Our Vision and Values," which is a first-of-its-kind inside look at cattlemen’s influence on the nation’s communities, the economy, public health and the environment.

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Gaining perspective on livestock’s shadow

Gaining perspective on livestock’s shadow

John Maday


How long is your shadow? The answer, of course, depends, and differs whether you are standing on the equator at high noon, or on a mountaintop at sunset

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Agriculture in the Republican Proposal Presented by Paul Ryan

Agriculture in the Republican Proposal Presented by Paul Ryan


On April 5th, Paul Ryan released a Republican proposal that describes broad outlines of Federal spending over the next decade. The document entitled “The Path to Prosperity: Restoring America’s Promise” makes little mention of agricultural spending

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Steve Cornett:  Family Farm Heaven

Steve Cornett:  Family Farm Heaven

Beef Today

Hey you locavores and family farmers, I’m in heaven this week. Peru. We’re here to see the country, but it’s hard not to notice the way these folks live and farm.

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When the Spread Narrows

When the Spread Narrows

Steve Suther

Angus Journal

When the Choice-Select spread price difference narrows, it’s not a market signal to rethink genetics and management or to aim for Yield Grade (YG) 1 and 2 premiums.

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MU, Texas A&M receive $14 million to study food efficiency in cattle, bovine respiratory disease

MU, Texas A&M receive $14 million to study food efficiency in cattle, bovine respiratory disease


The United States has the world’s fourth largest cattle population. More than 970,000 farms raise beef cattle, contributing to a $71 billion retail value. Yet, farmers and feedlot operators spend millions of dollars every year feeding some cattle that don’t grow efficiently

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Half of meat, poultry tainted by staph

Half of meat, poultry tainted by staph

Washington Post

Half the meat and poultry sold in the supermarket may be tainted with the staph germ, a new report suggests.

The new estimate is based on just 136 samples of beef, chicken, pork and turkey purchased from grocery stores in Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., Flagstaff, Ariz. and Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

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