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Extralabel drug use in cattle practice

Extralabel drug use in cattle practice

Geni Wren

Bovine Veterinarian

Dehorning young calves is a standard industry practice that improves the safety of the growing animal and of livestock producers and veterinarians working with these animals.

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Belated Bull Preparation

Belated Bull Preparation

Clay Wright

Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation

When spring-calving season is over or almost complete, then the next breeding season is already beginning or just around the corner. During a 75-90 day breeding season, it’s not uncommon for a bull to lose 100 to 200 pounds – sometimes even more.

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How important is ultrasound data to a producer making genetic selections?

How important is ultrasound data to a producer making genetic selections?

Walter & Associates

 “The only way to make decisions is to look at performance data and ultrasound data,” says Blake Crawford of Adair, Iowa. Crawford runs a commercial beef operation he describes as ‘farrow to finish.’ “If you have animals that are not measuring up, you have to rely on ultrasound to identify the reason and improve future generations.”

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Condition Score Cows Early

Condition Score Cows Early

Rick Rasby Beef Specialist, Cow/Calf Management and Reproduction University of Nebraska

Introduction Body condition scores (BCS) describe the relative fatness of a cow through the use of a nine-point scale and is an effective management tool to evaluate nutritional status of the herd. The body condition scoring system allows producers to visually assess their cow herd using a number system that objectively describes the amount of condition or fat reserve of an animal.

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Breeding soundness exams are an essential part of the cow-calf operation.

Breeding soundness exams are an essential part of the cow-calf operation.

North Dakota State University

Not all bulls are able to breed cows successfully, and not all bulls that breed cows have semen that can result in successful fertilization and pregnancy.

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Several Factors Should Play Role in Pasture Rental Rates

Several Factors Should Play Role in Pasture Rental Rates

Mary Lou Peter

Beef Today

Numerous factors influence the rental rate for any tract of land, such as forage quality, stocking rate, size of pasture, water availability and more, but there are three primary factors that explain much of the variability in average rental rates over time, said Dhuyvetter, who is a farm management specialist with K-State Research and Extension.

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NCBA Narrows Knowledge Gap on Capitol Hill

NCBA Narrows Knowledge Gap on Capitol Hill

Cattle TOday

The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) kicked off its Beef 101 series Tues., March 22, 2011. Beef 101 is a beef educational series exclusively for members of Congress and their staff members.

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K-State to host cattle feeders college in Larned, Sublette

K-State to host cattle feeders college in Larned, Sublette

High Plains Journal

Kansas State University Research and Extension will host the K-State Cattle Feeders College on May 4 in Larned and May 5 in Sublette. The event is sponsored by Intervet-Schering Plough Animal Health, Walco, and Lallemand Animal Nutrition and begins with registration at 4:30 p.m.

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Farmers not to blame for high food prices

Farmers not to blame for high food prices


San Francisco Chronicle

Farmers and ethanol producers have braced for what they expect could be widespread criticism as corn prices are rising rapidly and other food costs are following.

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Federal jury finds that bank, feedlot conspired

Federal jury finds that bank, feedlot conspired

Lori Pilger

Lincoln Journal Star

A federal jury Monday found a family-owned Bertrand feedlot and First National Bank of Omaha conspired to keep $2.1 million from the sale of a South Dakota feeder’s cattle.

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