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Cattle producers join forces for better sales

Cattle producers join forces for better sales

Linda Breazeale

MSU Ag Communications

Cattle producers and buyers are finding a win-win method of marketing cattle in the Cattlemen’s Exchange and Homeplace Producer Sales.

Mississippi State University’s Extension Service is partnering with several organizations and sale barns to offer auctions in Winona and Hattiesburg for cattle that may never pass through either of those cities. Cattle remain on their home farms while buyers cast bids based on written descriptions of the cattle and video technology.

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Good fences make good neighbors

Good fences make good neighbors

The Grant Tribune Sentinel

In 1914, poet Robert Frost wrote, “Good fences make good neighbors.” This is still true today in Nebraska, where hundreds of miles of fence truly make it cattle country. However, some of those miles are not often traveled, and constantly monitoring and maintaining fences can be a large burden.

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Bill Kurtis balances TV work with raising cattle

Bill Kurtis balances TV work with raising cattle

Steve Tarter

Steuben Courier

As the face and voice on such cable TV shows as “Cold Case Files,” “Investigating History” and “American Justice,” Bill Kurtis is a well-recognized figure.

TV viewers might also recall him as a former anchor on the CBS Morning News. More recently, Kurtis appeared in a series of AT&T commercials last year in which he “beat” various sports stars in staged races promoting fast connections to the Internet.

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‘Make stockers better’ for premium price

‘Make stockers better’ for premium price

Southwest Farm Press

Good stocker operators think about how to make their cattle better for the next segment in the beef business.

Many of them gathered at the Backgrounding for Quality field day near Hamilton, Kan., last month to learn more about what feeders want and how to get there.

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Animal care expert discusses approved ways to put down disabled farm animals

Animal care expert discusses approved ways to put down disabled farm animals

Michael Slother


After KCBD obtained a graphic video of ranch workers using pick axes and hammers to kill cattle, we asked industry experts how disabled and injured cows are supposed to be put down.

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With technology, believe in the impossible

With technology, believe in the impossible

Greg Lamp

The Cattle Business Weekly

After recently attending a couple of big ag events I have a newfound respect for how difficult it is to stay on top of changing ag technology.

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BeefTalk: Where Is the Grass?

BeefTalk: Where Is the Grass?

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Specialist

One does need to ask where the grass is. The snow still covers the ground, at least in southwestern North Dakota. Although livestock producers may question spring turnout dates and slightly modify grazing plans, this is one case where the cows outshine the wheat.

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What’s so Great About Grass-Fed Beef?

What’s so Great About Grass-Fed Beef?

Dan Klein

Huffington Post

When thinking of topics to cover next, I realized that I hadn’t done anything on grass-fed beef. This method of rearing animals is one of the cornerstones of the sustainable food movement

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Historic opportunities for beef stocker industry

Historic opportunities for beef stocker industry

Southwest Farm Press

Sky-high corn prices don’t typically outline “exciting opportunities” in the cattle business, but one economist says those in the stocker business can benefit from high feed costs by focusing on available forage.

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Beef Up Your Label Knowledge

Beef Up Your Label Knowledge


Cowboys and Indians

Baseball Hall of Fame pitcher Nolan Ryan recently became president and part-owner of his favorite team in the league, the Texas Rangers, introducing a sense of spirit and grit that the team hadn’t seen in years and helping them make their way to the World Series for the first time in franchise history.

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