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Dehorning dilemmas

Dehorning dilemmas

Geni Wren

Bovine Veterinarian

It’s been shown that disbudding young calves before they reach three weeks of age is the least stressful and painful time to do this practice as the horn buds are not yet attached to the skull. After the horn buds attach to the skull, at around 2 months of age, dehorning to remove them is required.

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Expansion Hinges on Sustained Profit

Expansion Hinges on Sustained Profit

Clifford Mitchell

Cattle Today

Courting change always seems to end up with a good debate. Whether it’s a singular contemplation or a group deliberation, many factors are often pondered to come up with the answer, much like a school boy, at the first dance, waiting for that special moment.

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Deworming and pasture management

Deworming and pasture management

Dave Barz, DVM

Tri State Livestock news

The original deworming debate centered around the question, “Does the deworming of the adult cow increase her productivity enough to justify the cost of deworming?” Now with feed costs at all time highs, the feed conserved by deworming more than pays for the price of the product.

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Hide Color And End-Product Value

Hide Color And End-Product Value

Southern Livestock Standard

Animal scientist Ty Lawrence knows that it’s what’s under the hide that counts.

The West Texas A&M researcher was in a beef packing plant one night when he had a revelation: “I’m looking down the stun line and the cattle that were coming toward me were a Heinz 57 mix of hide colors,” he says. “Then immediately behind me I could see the carcasses going to the hotbox.

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Cattle Producers Must Anticipate Higher Feed Costs

Cattle Producers Must Anticipate Higher Feed Costs

Stephen B. Blezinger, Ph.D., PAS

Cattle Today

For all practical purposes, it appears that cattlemen need to continue to brace for higher feeding costs as we move farther into 2011. That’s not a very pleasant way to start off an article but unfortunately, while we need the truth it’s not what we necessarily want to hear.

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White stripe puts ‘belties’ in spotlight

White stripe puts ‘belties’ in spotlight

Ronald Erdrich

Abilene Reporter News

Brian and Kelly Taylor are the owners of the small ranch — and it’s their first foray into raising cattle. They have a small starter herd of seven "belties." An eighth is on the way.

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Current cattle market provides producers with increased ‘flexibility’

Current cattle market provides producers with increased ‘flexibility’

Donald Stotts

Southwest Farm Press

Up is down, north is south and the opposite of what was once true is now a fact when it comes to some key decisions being faced by cattle producers.

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Beefing Up Production and Meat Quality

Beefing Up Production and Meat Quality


To help satisfy consumers’ growing appetite for beef, Agricultural Research Service (ARS) scientists are looking at innovative ways to make cattle production more efficient and to provide better beef products.

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EPA won’t regulate farm dust

EPA won’t regulate farm dust

Todd Neeley

Tri State Livestock News

EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson sat high atop the ground in a combine, talking with Prairie City, IA, farmer Gordon Wassenaar Tuesday, April 19, as she got a first-hand look at production agriculture.

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LSU AgCenter offers tips to prevent cattle theft

LSU AgCenter offers tips to prevent cattle theft


LSU AgCenter extension beef specialist Allen Nipper says that with cattle prices high and many families struggling economically, conditions are ripe for cattle theft.

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