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Creep feeding calves in a high cost and high price environment

Creep feeding calves in a high cost and high price environment

Loretta Sorenson

Tri State Livestock News

Creep feeding has traditionally been profitable during cycles when calf prices were high and feed costs were low. University of Lincoln-Nebraska extension beef specialist Rick Rasby says the current scenario – high calf prices and high feed costs – is one beef producers haven’t previously encountered.

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Understanding ruminal fermentation and digestion

Understanding ruminal fermentation and digestion

Sara Thissen

The Cattle Business Weekly

The biggest agricultural focus has been on the cattle prices this year, as many cattle producers are selling their livestock at record prices. Looking at this spring’s calf crop and forward thinking to the fall sale season, there will be many sold while some will be retained.

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Cutting Feed and Reproduction Costs

Cutting Feed and Reproduction Costs

Bovine Veterinarian

New strategies to reduce the cost of production include more efficient nutrient use by the animals and improvements in their lifetime production efficiency.

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Maximizing Animal Welfare in Kosher Slaughter

Maximizing Animal Welfare in Kosher Slaughter

Temple Grandin

The Jewish Daily Forward

There are legislative attempts around the world to require stunning of animals prior to religious slaughter. I do not get involved in the politics of this issue, but the following discussion may help clarify where there are problem areas.

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Investing in Farm to Fork Infrastructure

Investing in Farm to Fork Infrastructure

Ashley Lukens

Honolulu Weekly

Senate Bill 249 proposes the state takeover of Oahu’s last remaining slaughterhouse in the face of its impending closure and lack of alternative private investors.

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U.S. Failure on S. Korea FTA Would Cede Market to Beef Rivals

U.S. Failure on S. Korea FTA Would Cede Market to Beef Rivals

Bomi Lim and Stephen Engle


U.S. Commerce Secretary Gary Locke said failure by Congress to pass a free-trade agreement with South Korea would hand an advantage to rivals such as Australian beef exporters.

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U.S. plans to lift restrictions on Canadian beef

U.S. plans to lift restrictions on Canadian beef


Canadian cattlemen may want to circle Nov. 19 on their calendars.

That’s the effective date of the U.S. government’s final rule to restart trade in older live cattle and their beef products, barring interference from political or legal wrangling.

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Culling cows may be option with limited forage supplies

Culling cows may be option with limited forage supplies

Donald Stotts

Southwest Farm Press

Cattle producers faced with limited forage supplies because of drought or wildfire should be evaluating whether or not it is time to cull poorer producing cows.

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Don’t let horn flies steal performance this summer

Don’t let horn flies steal performance this summer

The Cattle Business Weekly

As I write this article the third week of April, I can still see snow.  The mid April snow storms experienced by much of the region make it hard to believe spring, let alone summer will ever come. 

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Piney Woods Cow Congress set

Piney Woods Cow Congress set

Jacksonville Daily Progress

This year’s Piney Woods Cow Congress will feature management strategies for livestock producers to reducing losses, according to Texas AgriLife Extension Service personnel.

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