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The Cost of Ranching

The Cost of Ranching

Our Wyoming Life

Ranching looks so easy, just let animals eat grass and money rolls in. Now in a much requested video we break down the costs of farming and ranching cattle, how much a cow costs an operation per year and how ranchers and farmers make ends meet through good and bad years. Come with us and purchase your own Wyoming ranch, learn the costs involved with raising each cow and discover your profit when you sell calves. Manage your income and be prepared to work hard and learn the secret behind maintaining your own cattle herd from an economic standpoint.

KLA: R-CALF lawsuit threatens producer control of state checkoff programs

KLA: R-CALF lawsuit threatens producer control of state checkoff programs

High Plains Journal

A federal district court in Montana recently issued an order that expands the scope of an ongoing lawsuit over the beef checkoff. The action adds Kansas and 13 other states to a case previously involving the checkoff in Montana. R-CALF filed suit against USDA to stop checkoff programs funded by the portion of checkoff collections allowed to be retained by the Montana Beef Council.

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Ammoniated Corn Residue Equal to Medium Quality Grass Hay?

Ammoniated Corn Residue Equal to Medium Quality Grass Hay?

Mary Drewnoski, Ashley Conway

University of Nebraska

Ammoniation of corn residue is relatively easy (although working with anhydrous ammonia can be dangerous and proper safety precautions must be taken).  To ammoniate residue, the bales will be stacked together and the outside covered with plastic.

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Factors to consider for confinement facilities

Factors to consider for confinement facilities

Kindra Gordon

The Cattle Business Weekly

For the past thirty years, Beth Doran, an Iowa State University Extension beef program specialist has worked with producers to plan and procure hoop barn and monoslope facilities. She shares that producers cite several reasons for investing in a confinement barn. These include controlling manure runoff – and protecting water resources; improving animal comfort, improving animal performance, reducing animal sickness; and capturing more value from manure.

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Heart of America Grazing Conference

Heart of America Grazing Conference

Morning AG Clips

The Heart of America Grazing Conference is a joint educational effort between Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky and Missouri university, government, industry, and producer representatives to provide livestock producers with the most current regional grazing information and resources.

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Breeding Decisions Don’t Always Work as Planned, but Positive Action Can Be Taken

Breeding Decisions Don’t Always Work as Planned, but Positive Action
Can Be Taken

Tom Brink

Red Angus Association of America

Does every breeding decision work out as planned? We know the answer is “no,” as every breeder has experienced firsthand. To better understand what can happen when good matings go bad, let’s evaluate data from the LiveWiRED project,

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Reducing losses when feeding hay to beef cattle

Reducing losses when feeding hay to beef cattle

Justin McDaniel

The Ada News

Feeding hay to cattle is expensive. Recent analyses show that hay costs between $0.02 and $0.07 per pound of dry matter; usually more than double the cost for the same amount of nutrients from pasture.

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