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BeefTalk: The Next Chapter: Some Happy, Some Sad

BeefTalk: The Next Chapter: Some Happy, Some Sad

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension

The world is full of revolving doors. Recently, I walked through one and was selected by the University of Saskatchewan as the director of its Livestock and Forage Centre of Excellence, an innovative research, teaching and industry center engaged in all aspects of livestock and forage production. This appointment means change, which challenges me to move out of my daily comfort zone. But life is too short and the world too large to sit still for long. Something always needs to be done somewhere.

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Make weaning and preconditioning a worthwhile investment

Make weaning and preconditioning a worthwhile investment

Dr. Jason Smith

University of Tennessee

Time and time again, the data tells us that properly weaned and preconditioned calves are more valuable than calves that were “weaned on diesel fuel.”  And it is beyond the shadow of a doubt that weaning and preconditioning is the right thing for our industry.  So why don’t more of us employ weaning and preconditioning as a routine management practice

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Muscling Scores are Good Predictor of Carcass Merits

Muscling Scores are Good Predictor of Carcass Merits
Cobie Rutherford
Cattle Today
We all have that friend who lives off of protein shakes, chugs energy drinks and lives in the gym all in an effort to “make gains.” The ideal of being muscular and fit isn’t new in our world. In humans, muscle is associated with strength.

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Livestock Handling – Starting With the Basics

Livestock Handling – Starting With the Basics

Kathy Voth

On Pasture

If you’ve been reading On Pasture for very long, you’ve certainly seen Whit Hibbard’s articles sharing the ins and outs of moving cattle and other livestock. (We’ve put them all together in this Special Collection so you can find them more easily.) To add to that, we’re going to share a video series out of Australia, featuring Boyd Holden. I like this series because Boyd starts at the very beginning, reminding us how to prepare for moving livestock before we head out to the pasture.

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Study shows fumonisin not detrimental to beef cattle diets

Study shows fumonisin not detrimental to beef cattle diets

Kay Ledbetter

Progressive Cattleman

After a tumultuous 2017 corn season resulting in grain price discounts due to fumonisin, Dr. Jenny Jennings, AgriLife Research beef nutritionist in Amarillo, conducted a controlled beef cattle feeding study to determine the dangers of the mycotoxin in feed corn.

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Junior Red Angus Association welcomes 1,000th member

Junior Red Angus Association welcomes 1,000th member

The Cattle Business Weekly

The Junior Red Angus Association of America recently enrolled its 1,000th member and continues to attract young people who desire to be part of the Red Angus breed. The JRA strives to equip and prepare all members to be leaders, innovators, stewards and advocates for the Red Angus breed, the beef industry and agriculture.

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Pneumonia in Feeder Calves? Don’t Forget Histophilus somni

Pneumonia in Feeder Calves? Don’t Forget Histophilus somni

Michelle Arnold

Ohio Beef Cattle Letter

In this era of advanced vaccine technology and long-acting, expensive, powerful antibiotics, why do cases of Bovine Respiratory Disease (BRD) continue to increase? One reason is the re-emergence of Histophilus somni (formerly known as Haemophilus somnus) as a major bacterial pathogen responsible for the development of pneumonia in feeder operations.

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