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Shorthorn Breeder, leader, Pennsylvania’s Bradley Eisiminger passes

Shorthorn Breeder, leader, Pennsylvania’s Bradley Eisiminger passes


Mr. Eisiminger lived his entire life on the family farm of his ancestors, raising purebred shorthorn cattle. He received the prestigious honor of being named Builder of the Breed from American Shorthorn Association in 1956. In 2015, he was honored at the North American International Livestock Exposition for having the oldest continuously registered herd of shorthorn cattle since 1883.

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Cattle body condition scoring top concern for ag experts

Cattle body condition scoring top concern for ag experts


NDSU Extension Livestock Specialist Lisa Pederson tells about the importance of cattle body condition scoring, an evaluation of fat of muscle that relates to the animal’s ability to reproduce.

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Kentucky farmer has ingenious way to round up his cows

Kentucky farmer has ingenious way to round up his cows


A farmer from Kentucky, USA created a clever way to round up his cattle last week (October 29). Cows are notorious for being hard to manage, especially when in a large herd, but this farmer used their own animal instincts against them.

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Giving up meat won’t save the planet

Giving up meat won’t save the planet

Frank M. Mitloehner

Business Insider

As the scale and impacts of climate change become increasingly alarming, meat is a popular target for action. Advocates urge the public to eat less meat to save the environment. Some activists have called for taxing meat to reduce consumption of it.

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Tools are available to assist producers grazing crop residues

Tools are available to assist producers grazing crop residues

Brent Plugge

Kearney Hub

Harvest season is winding down and soon an abundance of crop residue will be available for our beef cattle. The University of Nebraska Extension recently developed two educational support tools to aid in making the fall and winter grazing season a successful one.

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Three Tips for Winter Feeding Beef Cattle

Three Tips for Winter Feeding Beef Cattle

Wyatt Bechtel

AG Web

There are many different options to consider in a winter feeding program. Cost of purchased grains or hay, nutritional value of feedstuffs, the equipment needed to feed, stockpiled forages, the types of cattle being fed. All of these considerations will weigh on determining what direction to go with feeding cattle in the winter.

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Nutrition, Comfort and Care

Nutrition, Comfort and Care

Iowa Beef Industry Council

Fourth generation farmers, Marty and Steve Schwers, raise cattle on their family farm in New Vienna. The brothers have been farming together in Dubuque County since 1989. Marty and Steve’s father previously farmed on the same site.

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Akaushi genetics to boost beef output

Akaushi genetics to boost beef output

Mal Gill

Farm Weekly (AU)

FOR a West Texas cattleman out of San Angelo, once exclusively Longhorns territory, Aaron Cooper knows a lot about Japanese cows and bulls. His specialty is the Akaushi breed, which is often referred to as Red Wagyu and is commonly mistaken as simply a colour variation of the Black Wagyu renowned for its fat marbling.

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Missouri Clean Water Comm. To Decide Feedlot Expansion Request

Missouri Clean Water Comm. To Decide Feedlot Expansion Request

Greg Henderson


Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill has “serious concerns” about the expansion of a feedlot and beef processing facility in west central Missouri. On Tuesday she wrote to the Missouri Clean Water Commission urging it to deny a request by Valley Oaks Steak Company for a permit to expand its feedlot from 999 head to 6,999 head.

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Here’s why a pig disease matters to beef producers

Here’s why a pig disease matters to beef producers

Brenda Botel

Beef Magazine

ASF is an animal disease that is specific to pork producers, yet U.S. cattle producers need to be aware of any new developments. The incidence of ASF in China has both the potential to increase U.S. pork exports, if we can work out a trade agreement with China to lower tariffs on U.S. pork, while also providing huge risk should ASF make the jump to the U.S.

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