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Prime Beef is Seemingly Everywhere

Prime Beef is Seemingly Everywhere

Daily Livestock Group, CME Group

The most recent USDA steer and heifer grading report (NW_LS196), showed that prime cattle accounted for 9.6% of all the cattle graded, with another 71% grading choice. Thus, in mid November 2018 over 80% of all the cattle in the US were grading choice or better, a stunning shift from even 10 years ago when fewer than 60% of cattle graded choice or higher.

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A Look Back at the U.S. Hay Market Over the Last 100 Years

A Look Back at the U.S. Hay Market Over the Last 100 Years

Northern AG NET

Hay is the 3rd largest U.S. crop in terms of harvest acres.  It also provides environmental services, notably erosion control. Understanding the U.S. hay market is therefore important for both market and policy reasons. This article written by Ohio State University’s Carl Zulauf examines the U.S. hay market since 1919, or when the U.S. Department of Agriculture, National Agricultural Statistical Service began to report data separately for alfalfa hay.

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Watch for lice problems in beef cattle

Watch for lice problems in beef cattle

Phil Blevins

Lice are most commonly a problem in late winter, affecting both younger animals and adult cows. There are two separate types of lice that affect beef cattle. The little red louse is a biting or chewing louse that feeds on hair, debris, etc. near the skin surface.

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Red Angus programs look to add value to cattle

Red Angus programs look to add value to cattle

Lacey Newlin

High Plains Journal

“The older we get the less we like to change things,” said Gary Fike, Red Angus Association of America director of commercial marketing. “We’re facing bigger changes than we’ve ever had in the cattle industry as far as technology. But we need to remember that we can’t simply ignore all these changes that are going on around us.” Fike spoke at the recent Oklahoma State University Beef Industry Conference about feeder cattle and female marketing opportunities.

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Gene-Editing Finding its Way to the Farm

Gene-Editing Finding its Way to the Farm

Clinton Griffiths


Cows born without horns or pigs that never reach puberty? These scenarios could become a reality soon thanks to new gene-editing tools. A company wants to alter farm animals by adding and subtracting genetic traits in a lab.  Alison Van Eenennaam, an animal geneticist at the University of California, Davis says soon edits that create polled herds will be common.

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South Korea to Track Beef Through Entire Supply Chain on a Blockchain

South Korea to Track Beef Through Entire Supply Chain on a Blockchain


A blockchain technology pilot aimed at tracking beef through the entire food supply chain has been announced in South Korea. The pilot will be jointly undertaken by the Ministry of Science and ICT and the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, according to Yonhap News Agency. The launch date has been set for next month in North Jeolla Province and after a brief trial period, there will be a formal unveiling of the blockchain application in January next year.

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Feedlot management to be focus of Northern States Beef Conference

Feedlot management to be focus of Northern States Beef Conference


Successfully managing cattle in the feedlot will be among the topics covered during the 2018 Northern States Beef Conference scheduled in Watertown for Dec. 12-13, 2018, at the Watertown Event Center.  The event is co-hosted by South Dakota State University Extension, University of Minnesota Extension and North Dakota State University Extension.

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Transportation Update: Extending the Electronic Logging Devices Delay for Livestock Haulers

Transportation Update: Extending the Electronic Logging Devices Delay for Livestock Haulers


Livestock haulers across the country are currently exempt from implementing electronic logging devices (ELDs). The question is: For how much longer? A few months ago, NCBA worked closely with allies in Congress to secure a temporary exemption through December 7, 2018. With less than ten days to go before that exemption expires, NCBA has been making the rounds on Capitol Hill to remind lawmakers that a further extension is necessary.

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The outbreak that changed meat and poultry inspection systems worldwide

The outbreak that changed meat and poultry inspection systems worldwide

Elsa A Murano H Russell Cross Penny K Riggs

Animal Frontiers

In the course of history, one of the best recognized constants is that change happens most often and most rapidly in response to a dire situation. Even when efforts to introduce improvements have been ongoing for quite a while, it is not until an emergency or a crisis develops that people are ready to accept change to resolve the problem at hand. Such has been the case with meat and poultry safety.

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Farm to Fork: Dexter cows

Farm to Fork: Dexter cows

Maryjean Anderson

The News Review

There was a time when we thought nothing of ordering a 16-ounce steak from grain fed beef and going home with the whole thing in our belly with none of it in a doggie bag for later. Times have changed, though, and more often than not, we opt for a smaller cut of beef, preferably grass-fed.

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