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Each fall, the governor of the great state of South Dakota host his Invitational Pheasant Hunt. This is meant to be a way to show off South Dakota’s state bird, their pride and joy, the wily pheasant.

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Improving the Power and Reliability of the Charge for Your Solar Powered Fencer

Improving the Power and Reliability of the Charge for Your Solar Powered Fencer

Kathy Voth

On Pasture

Dean Schneider of Bell Rule Genetics wasn’t satisfied with the typical all-in-one solar charged fencers he’d used. He’d tried a variety of brands and found they weren’t as reliable as he liked, he couldn’t get as much power out of them as he needed, and the batteries kept going bad. Since there was no electrical power on this place, solar was his only option. So he decided to figure out a solar powered set up that would let him power 3 miles of single, hi-tensile, wire with paddock subdivisions.

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Needle Size Matters

Needle Size Matters

Dr. Ken McMillan

Concerning needle size, I recommend the smallest gauge needle possible. Large needles make bigger holes, are more painful and cause more damage, and product can leak back out. I use 20-gauge, 3/4-inch needles for SQ vaccinations on calves. With adult cattle, or when administering thick medications, I use a 16-gauge with a 3/4-inch needle. I only use needles once.

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Exit strategy

Exit strategy

Jennifer M. Latzke

High Plains Journal

A rancher that doesn’t plan an exit strategy for his cows at the end of their careers is leaving money on the table. “The value of the cull cow is extremely important to the bottom line of the operation,” explained Robert Wells, livestock consultant for the Noble Research Institute, Ardmore, Oklahoma.

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Resources and considerations when marketing cull cows

Resources and considerations when marketing cull cows

Western Livestock Journal

With cull cow markets below average this fall, South Dakota State University (SDSU) Extension Livestock Business Management Field Specialist, Heather Gessner, shares resources and considerations cattle producers should review when deciding when to market cull cows.

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Election Day a Pivotal Point in Trade War with China

Election Day a Pivotal Point in Trade War with China

Andy Eubank

Hoosier AG Today

Finally, the dueling political hit commercials can go away now that the 2018 midterm election day has arrived. The real political maneuvering begins once all the results are known nationally, and that jockeying goes beyond the political parties to foreign nations like China.

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USCA Expresses Concern for Possible U.S.-Brazil Free Trade Agreement

USCA Expresses Concern for Possible U.S.-Brazil Free Trade Agreement

Northern AG.NET

Following Brazil’s recent presidential election, news of a possible bilateral trade agreement between the United States and Brazil have begun to emerge. President Donald J. Trump and newly-elected President Jair Bolsonaro spoke on an October 29th phone call, with President Trump soon after stating that he sees a U.S-Brazil free trade agreement “happening”.

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