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Mark Parker:  The Top 10 observations on rural mail carriers

Mark Parker:  The Top 10 observations on rural mail carriers

  1. They navigate roads containing everything from riding lawn mowers and renegade 4-wheelers to impenetrable cattle drives and impassable combines.
  2. They are mailbox connoisseurs — ample room, water-tight, correct height, easy-open and no critters inside.

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Ranchers may see the greatest returns on moderate size cows

Ranchers may see the greatest returns on moderate size cows

Gayle Smith

The Cattle Business Weekly

The US is producing 14 percent more beef with 1.8 million fewer cows. Finding ways to fine tune an efficient cowherd can be challenging for producers; however, an extension beef cattle specialist with Oklahoma State University suggests additional savings may be found by examining ranch records and adjusting selection criteria.

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Hay Quality: Trash versus Treasure

Hay Quality: Trash versus Treasure

Christine Gelley

Ohio Beef Cattle Letter

That saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” usually does not apply to hay, but with as difficult as haymaking was in Ohio this year, it may be true.

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6 jobs to tackle during the cold winter months

6 jobs to tackle during the cold winter months

Amanda Radke

Beef Magazine

In South Dakota, it seems like we have two seasons — cold winters and blazing hot summers. Spring and fall are just a blip on the radar before we move onto the next extreme. Right now, we’re in the throes of a winter that just keeps rolling.

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Beef 2030: Opportunities for growth

Beef 2030: Opportunities for growth

Progressive Cattleman

Carrie Veselka

Where is the beef industry headed in the next decade? That question is at the forefront of producer concerns as the global beef market expands and changes at a rapid pace, and for a forward-thinking producer, staying tuned for those changes is a must.

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Low Cull Cow Prices and Complex Culling Decisions

Low Cull Cow Prices and Complex Culling Decisions

Josh Maples


Cattle markets overall have shown impressive strength despite larger supplies during 2018. Feeder steer market averages have been near level or slightly stronger than 2017 levels in many markets over the past few months even in the face of larger calf supplies. USDA-AMS reported national feeder and stocker receipts were around 15 percent higher during August-October 2018 as compared to the same three months during 2017. Moving more calves at level or higher prices is a testament to the current demand-driven environment.

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Making 2019 corn silage decisions before feeding

Making 2019 corn silage decisions before feeding

John Anderson

Progressive Forage

The 2018 silage harvest is complete, and it’s time to plan seed purchases for next year. But how do you make informed choices about next year’s hybrids without having a decent grasp on how your herd is responding to this year’s crop?

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