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Baxter Black, DVM:  Grandpa Tommy Saved The World

Baxter Black, DVM:  Grandpa Tommy Saved The World

We were watching The History Channel at Grandma’s casita.  It was a story about the USS Enterprise being attacked.  It was 1945.

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Should We Keep a Cow That Fails to Do Her Job?

Should We Keep a Cow That Fails to Do Her Job?

Dr. Andrew Griffith

Feedlot Magazine

This week I’ve had several discussions about reproductive efficiency in cattle and the profitability implications of cows that do not breed and rolling those cows from a spring calving season to a fall calving season. It is understood that many producers that have multiple breeding seasons or that leave the bull with the cows 12 months of the year commonly give cows an extra opportunity to breed. Though it is common, it does not mean it is a best management practice.

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Creep-Feeding Economics

Creep-Feeding Economics

Becky Mills
Progressive Farmer

When calf prices are sky high, creep feeding often comes down to simple math. As the market trends down, however, it’s an iffier proposition—unless the motivation is more than economic. For cattleman Lindy Sheppard, the practice is about filling in forage gaps for a select group of fall-born calves.

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Breaking Down Winter Supplement Options

Breaking Down Winter Supplement Options

Adele Harty


Each fall, winter cow feeding and supplementation questions roll in. Oftentimes the questions pertain to determining the most economical option that meets cow nutrient requirements. With the multitude of products and options available, this can be a daunting task. Additionally, no two situations are alike, no two years are identical and there is no one size fits all product.

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Fall weather may have created risk to animal feed

Fall weather may have created risk to animal feed

Kansas State University

A Kansas State University veterinarian is urging the state’s producers to be especially diligent about monitoring for mycotoxins in livestock feed this winter on the heels of weather conditions that promoted their growth this fall.

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New Technologies Contribute to Livestock Sustainability

New Technologies Contribute to Livestock Sustainability

John Maday


The greatest potential for improving sustainability of livestock production depends on scientific innovation to boost productivity while reducing environmental impacts. These advancements include genetic technologies for introducing efficiency, adaptation and health traits, along with feed ingredients or other tools for making livestock more environmentally friendly.

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Can Democrats ever win back white, rural America?

Can Democrats ever win back white, rural America?

Chris McGreal

Yahoo News

Kansas was encouraging but in Iowa, a well-funded and energetic candidate lost to a Republican who openly flirts with Nazis. What should the party do next time?

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